1971 VW Squareback

Sterling Boone

This is my 1971 VW Squareback. I have owned this car for a little over a year now and every step has been a learning curve. This car has lived its entire life in Wyoming, being bought at a dealership in southern Wyoming and then spending the rest of its life on a ranch on Northern Wyoming. Someone had started the process of saving it before I purchased it, but I knew it needed to be restored to its former glory. I gutted the interior, saving what I could. The car had been sitting in a hay field for about 15 years. It was full of mice and every nook was full of mouse crap. After redoing the interior, I polished up the outside and got the engine running properly.

I have always had a soft spot for Volkswagens, even before I got my first one in high school, a Volkswagen Jetta. The more I work on these cars and learn about them, I don’t know how anyone could not appreciate the ingenuity that went into these cars and all of their weird quirks. The first time I saw the Squareback it really intrigued me and I just knew I had to have it. After working on my boss (the previous owner) for about 6 months she finally agreed to sell it to me. I’ve been in love with the cars ever since.

Being only 23, this has been a huge learning curve, but it has also been a great experience and has turned into a passion. My dad has been helping me every step of the way and even after being a mechanic for many, many years I think he has even learned something from working on these quirky cars.