1965 VW Bus

Katrina Yaukey

I found my first VW Bus when I was 14 and started saving pennies for it! My Dad surprised me with it right before I turned 16. He bought me a copy of “How to Keep Your VW Alive Forever; The Complete Idiot's Manual” and proudly exclaimed that if I was going to have a VW I had to learn to work on them. Thus began my years (and still to this day) long obsession with these cars and the community within. I still have that same Bus, a 1977 Westfalia.

In 1995, when I had just graduated from high school I found my second Bus. A 1965 Split Window. I was absolutely in love and 26 years later it is still the love of my life. I have had Beetles at different moments too, but the Buses are my favorite! Last year during the pandemic I moved to the Outerbanks and took Libby along. My 18 year old dreams are being realized now as I drive along the scenic route 12 past the ocean and sound in Libby!