1961 VW Beetle

Jeremy Haymore

This is my '61 Beetle. Her nickname is Gloria Jean, as shown by the sticker on the back window. I bought Gloria 3 years ago last month. I used part of my inheritance from when my amazing mother passed away 3 years ago, so the car is named after her.

Our favorite memories are all the people we meet or that wave , smile, or give the thumbs up when we cruise her around town several times a week.

Since we got her we have done the following:
All new break system
New tires with porta wall inserts
Repro stock style steering wheel
Stock style shifter
Rear Venetian blinds
Rook rack
Bamboo parcel tray
Eye lids
New window regulators , lift channels,and felt channels
New taillight bulb holders
We rebuilt the 1200cc motor and gave it a new exhaust and a fully restored factory 28 pict carburetor.