1969 VW Beetle

Mary Curry

My father purchased a brand new semi-automatic stick shift Beetle sedan for my use on September 8, 1969, from Montgomery County Cars, Inc. for $2,249.14. It has been a great joy to drive "Betsy" in the DC, MD, and VA areas all these years. It is my lucky car - having no serious accidents despite several close calls.

Painting and restoration work were needed about every ten years, as Betsy’s home on the street means experiencing sun, rain, ice, and blizzards -- the latter safe under her custom cover.

Having a great mechanic nearby makes driving safely possible. The mileage is 89,331. The most recent rust repair work was done in 2019. "Betsy" receives many compliments but is lonely because there are few Bugs now residing in the Wheaton - Kensington, MD area.