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Familienfest 19 - Post Show Interview:

Video Overview:

Recently a local car club known as Mission Avenue Cruisers made the decision to bring back a fan-favorite car show known as FamilienFest. Members of M.A.C.reached out to us to ask if we would sponsor the event, we agree, and 6 very busy months later, FamilienFest was back. Now that a the dust has settled after the show, we thought it would be fun to sit down with M.A.C. and ask them a few questions about the show.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the show and to all those who stopped by the JBugs booth as well as Mission Avenue Cruisers for letting us be a part of bringing back one of San Diego’s most loved car shows.

Video Transcript:

Jonny Winkley: "Familienfest [means] family. 
It's something to do with family and the cars, brings both of them together, it's family."
John Winkley: "The whole point of Familienfest when we started it back when I started it back in '95 
was a way to promote my club at the time which I started which was strictly vintage twos. Because strictly vintage twos was a, as we promoted a family-oriented club, I felt that if we put on some kind of a show we needed to make it a family-oriented show. 
That's the whole reason for the whole Kiddie Carnival aspect of the show is because it gives a kid something to do. 
We learned a long time ago that if the kids are busy playing, 
Mom is happy and relaxing and she's not bugging dad to 'let's go, let's go, let's go' so dad can stay for the show. So it's kind of trickles down and makes everybody happy."
Jonny: "After being so many years out, I honestly didn't expect to turn out to be what it was, at all. 
Especially for the first year back after seven years, it was ... it was a, it was a great surprise great surprise."
John: "I was happy with the turnout this year. 
We got a good support from the San Diego base that we have and even the Orange County/LA people. There was a handful of then that came down which was really nice."
Jonny: "I watched my dad do it for years. 
Why is dad so mad? Why is he? W-what? Chill out! Yeah, that's it it's a lot of work. They all, everyone said, 'Don't, it's a lot of work to run a club, it's a lot of work to put on a show.' Ahh, I can do it! Wow, a lot of work, a lot a lot of work."
John: "In the future, we might have to make some changes or do some things differently to get more cars in, 
but we'll we'll tackle those issues as they come. I Hope everyone had a good time and I know everyone did because we've already received a ton of feedback from people on Facebook and on Instagram and just even direct messages and texts and such. Everybody just had a great time and they were really excited to see us bring it back. 
We did the Type 3 display with the help of Lee Hedges this year. 
It brought out two extremely, actually three, extremely rare type threes that most people hadn't even seen before. Like the Karmann TC that John brought out, there's only two of those supposedly in the world. Then Pedro Saints who won the Type 34 category, his wife actually won the Type 34 category with her automatic Type 34. Which was extremely rare, also there's supposedly only about four those even running. That to me, those rare vehicles like that are what I like to see."
Jonny: "Without you guys there is no show, 
I can get the sponsors, I can get the venue, I can get the people to do it and put it together. But at the end of the day if you don't show up, it's just a venue and raffle prizes so yeah big big thanks to the Volkswagen community for coming out."