1973 VW Thing

Ron & Stacy Collins

We are Ron and Stacy Collins from south east Indiana, our love for VW’s stems way back in the 60’s. When my wife was young, living with her parents, her mother loved VW Beetles and owned a few that she drove everywhere. Myself as a teenager had a VW Beetle that I cruised in for a few years. The love for VW Beetles that my mother in-law had carried on into he elder years buying a 2007 with low mileage and after her passing we inherited the Bug and drove it for 5 years. Then I gave it to one of my daughters and then when she was done with it I gave it to my other daughter which she is driving it daily now and loving it.

My wife has been wanting a VW Thing now for a few years and just never been able to find one close enough for us to purchase one until this past spring one came up for sale over on the Ohio-West Virginia state line. We drove over 5 hours to see it and purchased it on the spot, it is a 1973 VW Thing with the original yellow paint. The best I can tell it is all original and the lady we purchased it from couldn’t drive it any longer and it was just sitting in storage until we got it.

The only thing it had to do so far was to replace the gas tank, fuel lines & filter and rebuild the carburetor and it runs great now. We have also purchased a new convertible top for it since we were lucky that the Thing had the top frame and of course we have purchased the gas tank and top from JBugs. Now going into Fall of the year we will be limited on driving with cold weather coming on but if I can get the gas heater working we could drive it longer but I haven't tried to tackle that yet and not sure how safe it might be but it will be worth a try.