Volkswagen Rabbit Parts

Selection of VW Rabbit Parts

Our list of VW Rabbit parts includes the industry's largest selection of TMI VW Rabbit Upholstery and interior parts. The list of VW Rabbit parts for interiors offered include VW Rabbit Seat upholstery, VW Rabbit door panels, VW Rabbit carpet kits, and VW Rabbit window cranks.

VW Rabbit

California Pacific/JBugs offers an extensive selection of VW Rabbit Parts including VW Rabbit Interior Parts, VW Rabbit Convertible Tops, brake parts, shocks and suspension parts. We offer quality Volkswagen Rabbit parts for the VW Rabbit Sedan, VW Rabbit Convertible and Volkswagen Rabbit Truck. Our VW Rabbit Interior parts include Rabbit Seat Upholstery, Door Panels and Carpet Kits.

Volkswagen Rabbit Parts

Among our Volkswagen Rabbit parts are seat upholstery in vinyl, velour and tweed and are the finest interior parts in the industry. Our list of Volkswagen Rabbit parts includes Door Panels in both solid color and fabric insert panels. These Volksagen Rabbit parts with match the seat upholstery and give your car the finished look.

Volkswagen Rabbit

Our list of convertible tops for the Volkswagen Rabbit include pinpoint vinyl, cabriolet grain vinyl and canvas. Convertible Top Kits for the Volkswagen Rabbit include convertible top, top pad kit, and headliner. The 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit and 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible had pinpoint vinyl tops as original equipment. We have pinpoint vinyl Rabbit Convertible Tops in over 10 colors. The 1982 VW Rabbit, 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit and 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit convertibles came with cabriolet grain vinyl tops as original equipment. We carry custom canvas tops for all years of Volkswagen Rabbit convertibles. Our canvas convertible tops for the Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible are available in 6 colors - black, beige, burgundy, charcoal, blue and brown.

Brakes and Other Volkswagen Rabbit Parts

Volksagen Rabbit parts for the brake system offered include wheel cylinders, master cylinders, brake pads, and brake shoes. We also offer calipers, rotors and brake drums under our VW Rabbit parts selection.