Nate and Sam's hard work paid off, getting Nate's car driving well enough to get it off a trailer and into the car show.


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Nate's 1972 VW Baja Bug makes its first car show appearance.

Nathan and Sam worked furiously over the last 2 weeks to get Nate's car "show ready". Well, at least ready enough to get it driving well enough to get on and off of a trailer and into a show. Their hard work paid off and when Saturday, April 20th came around they were able to do just that! They made it to Kiwani's Park and were able to spend the day hanging out with fellow VW enthusiasts, enjoy the cars, the people, the weather and the venue! Sam, Nate & JBugs want to give a HUGE thank you to Desert Dub's for setting up such an awesome event!

Video Transcript

Morning, guys! I'm Sam, and I'm Nick. Welcome to the car show. We made it!

We made it. The car made it. It was a smash job to get the car ready to get here, but it's here, it's driving. All the cars are rolling in here to the show. Enjoy this beautiful morning out here at the Desert Dubs Third Annual Vintage Volkswagen Car Show at Kiwanis Park in Tempe, Arizona.

How happy are you, Nathan?

Really happy because I've been to so many Volkswagen shows, and this is my first time actually bringing my own bug to a show. It's awesome.

So, we're going to sit back and enjoy, chat with folks as they come by, and we'll go check out some of the cars later but…look at that orange Baja Bug rolling in!

You helped me rebuild my engine.


Talk about an awesome venue—we got a splash pad in the back for the kids. How cool is that?

Man, you just could not ask for a better day—75°, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and lots of Volkswagens. It's what it's all about.

This is an awesome place for a car show. Big thanks to Desert Dubs for putting on this show. Such a cool place to come hang out. There's over 300 Volkswagens here today, tons of people, people, tons of sun, splash pad for the kids. What a great day to come out and enjoy, hang out with some fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts, and enjoy, of course, our Volkswagens.

We made it to the show and back from the show. The car is a working, running, driving, stopping, going car. Nathan, how was your first car show with your first car?


What was your favorite part?

Probably convincing Grandpa to hopefully sell his razors and get a Volkswagen.

"So, anything cool happened there that you hadn't enjoyed?

Uh, there's a Kubelwagen there.

There's a Kubelwagen, yeah. That was pretty cool.

And people like your car, huh?

Mhm, there were even people taking pictures of my car.

That was pretty cool. A lot of people enjoyed the videos. The biggest comment I got was people love the videos. So, I'm going to keep on making them. I hope you guys like the videos. Uh, I have to assume you do because you're watching this. Unless this just randomly popped into your feed, and you figured, 'Hey, let's watch this video.' But anyway, we still have a lot of work to do. This car is going to be built in stages, but as it sits right now, it's a running, driving car. We might just kind of complete it the way it is. Kind of, yeah, throw some paint on it, uh, do some mild bodywork, finish up the wiring, put the seals in it, just get it to an operating car where we can take it out on a weekend, just drive it, as opposed to trailing it to show. The major things we have to do at this point are floor pans and the rear subframe. Uh, when we do the rear subframe, we'll go through and reset the spring plate so they're level. The back left is sitting a little bit lower than the back right. It was a rush job, obviously, trying to get everything back together, but we made it. I hope you guys enjoyed. Uh, we've got a lot of videos still coming that we haven't released yet, and we'll be gone for about a month during summer vacation. So, I'll try to have a backlog of videos set for that, but it's not going to be a whole lot coming out of our garage at that point because, well, we're not going to be in the garage.

And on that note, I'm Sam, and I'm Nate. Thanks for watching our garage, and life's full of good people. If you can't find one, be one. Later, guys.

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