JBugs Video Series

1968 to 77 Standard & 1971 to 72 Super Beetle Dashboards Product Showcase:

Video Overview:

We offer dashboards for the VW Beetle in a variety of styles, for any budget. Follow along as we highlight our selection of VW Dashboards, explain the differences between them, and help you decide which one is right for your classic VW.

Video Transcript:

Hi this is Sam California Pacific JBugs.


Today we're featuring our padded dashboards for late model Beetles and some Super Beatles as well.


Here we have the 1968 through 1970 standard Beetle dashboard. Dashboard has cutouts for: the wiper switch, brake light indicator, headlight switch, the two fresh air switches as well as the emergency flasher switch, obviously the cut out for the ashtray, the glove box and speedometer trim ring. 1968 through 1970 also had a dash grab handle and the dash has the cutouts for those as well here.


On the top of the dash it's notched out for the center defroster vent and the right and left defroster vents as well. The dashboards do have the metal reinforcements just as factory along with the mounting studs on the backhand side and the dashboards themselves have the original pebble grain vinyl over lament with the foam backing.


Here we have the 1971 to 1974 standard and 1976 to 1977 standard as well as 1971 and 1972 Super Beetle dashboard. Above we have the 1975 only dashboard. The only difference between these two boards is the rectangular cut out, which is cut out on the '71 to '74 / '76 to '77 and not cut out on '75. The rectangular cutout is going to be for the brake light warning indicator and the fresh air fan switch as well. If your car does not have the trim plate, indicator, or switch you can actually use the 1975 dashboard instead.


On the 1971 and later dashboards the set-up is all going to be basically the same again with the exception of the rectangular cut out. There's holes cut out for the headlight switch, the fresh air switches as well as the emergency flasher switch, we still have the ash tray cut outs, speedometer trim cut out, and of course the glove box cut out. In addition to that 1971 and later cars actually had two fresh air vents facing the occupants. Those cut outs are here as well.


On the backhand side we still see the defroster vents cut out at center, left, and right. We see the same metal reinforced backing, mounting studs and the foam underlayment with the pebble grain top.


On some early model 1971 the wiper switch is still up on the dash. If that is the case in your car you will actually have to cut in the hole for the wiper switch. In addition to the dashboards we also offer a full line of: knobs, grills, speedometer trim ring, and glove box trim ring. These will assist in refreshing your dash making everything look just like new.