1962-1963 VW Beetle Convertible Complete Car Rubber Kit

1962-1963 VW Beetle Convertible Complete Car Rubber Kit
Part Number: 151COMP6263

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Product Description

Our 1962 or 1963 VW Beetle Convertible Complete Rubber Kit includes virtually every seal we offer for your 1962 to 1963 Beetle Convertible. We include all of the Rubber Seals, Trim and Molding from our Door Rubber Kit, our Body Rubber Kit and either our Standard (Cal-Look) Window Rubber Kit or our Deluxe (American Look) Window Rubber Kit. If you select the Deluxe Window Rubber option we also include the decorative Aluminum Window Trim to install in the Deluxe Window Rubber. Additionally we include various other seals you need that aren't in our kits such as Wiper Shaft Grommets, Engine and Firewall Seals, Glove Box Stops and Rear Apron Plugs just to name a few. Often times customers have a few rubber seals left over that they didn't replace. We've designed our customizable kit to accomodate two basic methods of restoration, a Body On, and a Body Off restoration.

Our Body On Kit replaces all of the seals we offer to accomodate restorations where the body is left on the chassis, but all other body parts are removed, or at least their seals are, and need to be replaced.

Our Body Off Kit includes all of the parts in our Body On kit plus it includes the Pan to Body Seal and other seals and grommets that need to be replaced when the body is removed from the chassis.

We've also have an option to add the 8 Piece Aluminum Window Trim and Clips for the inner and outer, door and quarter window scrapers if your originals are missing, damaged, dented or otherwise. The trim pieces and clips are essential to installing the scrapers so if you don't have them make sure to get them!

Our Complete Rubber Kit Includes The Following Components:

  • German Left Door to Body Seal
  • German Right Door to Body Seal
  • Door & Quarter Window Scrapers, 8 Pieces
  • Left & Right Vent Wing Window Seals, Pair
  • Left & Right Vent Wing Window Flap Seals, Pair
  • Door Window Felt Channels, Pair
  • Side Window to Convertible Top Frame Seals, 6 Pieces
  • Convertible Top to Windshield Frame Seal
  • Windshield Post to Vent Window Frame Seals, Pair
  • Quarter Panel to Top Frame Seals, Pair
  • Quarter Window to Door Window Frame Seals, Pair
  • Front Door to Body Wedges, Pair
  • Rear Door to Quarter Wedges, Pair
  • Front Quarter to Door Wedges, Pair
  • Rear Quarter Window to Body Wedges, Pair
  • Door Hinge Screw Hole Covers, 12 Pieces
  • Door Panel Clip Seals, 56 Pieces
  • Door Switch Seals, Pair
  • Door Alignment Centering Wedges, Pair
  • Door Check Rod Seals, Pair
  • Door Check Rod Stops, Pair
  • Door Handle Seals, 4 Pieces
  • 3 Piece Hood Seal
  • Decklid Seal
  • Lower Bumper Bracket Seals, 4 Pieces
  • Upper Bumper Bracket Seals, 4 Pieces
  • Inner Headlight Seals, Pair
  • Outer Headlight Seals, Pair
  • Front Turn Signal Seals, Pair
  • Rear Tail Light Seals, Pair
  • License Light Lens Seal
  • License Light Housing Seal
  • Decklid Handle Seal
  • Hood Handle Seals, 2 Pieces
  • Fender Beading, 4 Pieces
  • Horn Wire Boots, Pair
  • Speedometer Cable to Body Seal
  • Speedometer Cable to Spindle Seal
  • Tail Light Wire Grommets, Pair
  • Wiper Shaft Grommets, Pair
  • Windshield Wiper Nozzle with Seal
  • Rear Apron Plugs, Pair
  • Glove Box Stops, Pair
  • Engine to Body Seal
  • Engine to Firewall Seal
  • Headlight Wire Tubes, Pair
  • Headlight Bucket Drain Tubes, Pair
  • Fuel Tank to Body Seal
  • Fuel Tank Sending Unit Seal
  • Body Molding Clip Seals, 42 Pieces

  • Select Standard or Deluxe Window Rubber:

    Either Selection Includes:
  • Front Windshield Seal
  • Rear Window Seal

  • If you select Deluxe Seals, the kit will also include the decorative Aluminum Trim and Clips for the Front and Rear Windows.

    Need Window Scraper Trim Pieces & Clips?

    If your original (and re-useable) Door & Quarter Window Aluminum Scraper Trim Pieces are dented, dinged or completely missing, select Yes add Scraper Trim & Clips. The selection will add the 8 Aluminum Molding Trim pieces for the doors and quarter windows along with the 100 piece scraper molding clips to your Complete Car Rubber Kit.

    Body-On or Body-Off Restoration?

    If you aren't separating the body from the chassis of your restoration, leave the drop box at "No". You likely won't need the various chassis seals if you aren't going that far in the disassembly process.

    However, if you've unbolted the body from the pan for a full "Body-Off" restoration, you'll want to select "Yes, add Chassis Seals". This will add all the rubber seals and grommets we offer for resealing the body back to the pan when that time comes. We also include various seals for sealing up the battery cable, heater cables, the fuel and brake lines, and other items to the pan and chassis.

    The Chassis Seals Addition includes:

  • Pan to Body Seal
  • Upper Beam to Body Pads, Pair
  • Lower Beam to Body Pads, Pair
  • Body to Rear Shock Tower Pads, 4 Pieces
  • Master Cylinder Plunger Boot
  • Master Cylinder Switch Boot
  • Battery Cable through Pan Grommet
  • Heater Cable Tube Seals, Pair
  • Brake Line to Chassis Grommets, 4 Pieces
  • Fuel Line to Chassis Grommets, Pair
  • Clutch Cable to Tube Seal
  • Tunnel Inspection Seal
  • Clutch & Accelerator Cable Tube Boot
  • Transmission Nose Cone Boot

  • Our Complete Rubber Kit includes our one-of-a-kind Exterior Restoration DVD. The 1 hour and 15 minute DVD covers installing many of these seals on your classic VW Beetle. Additionally, you can check out our YouTube Channel for more installation videos.

    We hand select all of the seals in this kits, so we are confident in the quality and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all of them.

    Our Complete Car Rubber Kit includes more seals than most people end up replacing. Only the items listed above and selected through the drop downs are included. If you have any question as to whether or not a specific seal you are looking for is included, check the list above or feel free to give us a call or email!

    Note this is a kit item, and sold as such. Items that are not needed have no individual value and are not returnable so please plan accordingly.

    Click on images for additional pictures.

    Body Rubber Kit Includes:

    Body Rubber Kit.

    Hood, decklid, fenders, turn signals, & more.

    Door Rubber Kit.

    Felts channels, scrapers and door seals.

    Cal-Look Window Seals

    Front & rear window seals.

    All seals in this kit are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

    Product Fits:

    1962-1963 Convertible Beetles
    w/ Cal-Look Style Window Seals

    Product Details.

    This kit features Cal-Look Windshield and Rear Window Seals. The rest of the body & door seals are the same as our American-Style rubber kit. Cal-Look Seals or Standard seals are window seals that do NOT accept original factory window inserts. "Cal-Look" is a style that originated in Southern California in the 1960's. Although style varies between cars and years, Cal-Look Beetles are generally lowered and have exterior decorative trim such as window molding, side molding & the bumpers are removed. Cal-Look window seals are popular because they are less-expensive, and easier to install.

    JBugs Complete Car Rubber Kits are designed for a hassle-free body restoration. Our Complete Exterior Car Rubber kits include all the exterior rubber for your car! Save time and money by purchasing a kit. Our Rubber Kits contains the finest replacement seals available and are LIFETIME GUARANTEED.

    This kit also includes our Exterior DVD to instruct you on how to put it all together. Our video is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and covers all the basics.

    Items Pictured:

    Hood Seal
    Turn Signal Seals
    Headlight Seals
    Hood Handle Seal
    Fender Beading
    Door Panel Clip Seals
    Hinge Screw Hole Covers
    Door Checkrod Seals
    Door Checkrod Stops
    Door Handle Seals
    Bumper Bracket Seals
    Decklid Handle Seals
    Tail Light Seals
    License Light Seal
    Decklid Seal
    Window Felt Channels
    Outside Scrapers
    Vent Wing Flaps
    Vent Wing Seals
    Door Seals
    Cal-Look Style Window Seals for Windshield & Rear Window

    Items not Pictured that are Included with the kit:

    Exterior Restoration Video
    License Lens Seal
    Horn Wire Boots
    Speedo Cable to Body Seal
    Speedo Cable thru Drum Boot
    Tail Light Wire thru Body Seals
    Wiper Shaft Grommets
    Wiper Nozzle with seal
    Clutch Tube Boot
    Rear Apron Plugs
    Glove Box Stops
    Battery Cable to Starter Grommet
    Heater Cable Tube Sleeves
    Rear Engine Seal
    Firewall Seal
    Brake Line to Body Seals
    Fuel Line thru chassis Collar

    Our Complete Car Rubber Kit includes more rubber than most people plan on replacing for the body and the doors. If however, you are pulling the body off of the pan, there are other rubber seals that are not included that you might want to replace such as the pan to body seal, shock and beam pads, etc. and will need to purchase those separately. Again, the chassis seals are not included.
    Our Complete Car Rubber Kit includes more seals than most people end up replacing but it does not include every piece of rubber on the car. Items such as gas tank to body seal, fuel tank sending unit seal, chassis to body rubber spacers, the pan to body seal, among others are not included in this kit. Only the items listed above are included. If you have any question as to whether or not a specific seal you are looking for is included, check the list above or feel free to give us a call or email us!

    California Prop 65 Warning:
    California Prop 65 Warning. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


    Please Note:The information listed below is for stock, unmodified VW's manufactured for sale in the US. VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car. California Pacific JBugs is not responsible for any errors if your car has been modified in any way.
    VW Beetle
    1962 - 1963


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