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30PICT1 EMPI 98-1288-B VW Carburetor Product Showcase:

Video Overview:

EMPI now has available stock replacement carburetors for most of the popular applications. Whether it's to keep your car running or a full blown restoration, EMPI makes the carburetor that's right for you. Follow along as we walk you through all the features of the EMPI 30Pict 1 Carburetor.

Video Transcript:

Hello I'm Sam with JBugs.com.


The 30Pict 1 round bowl carburetor is considered one of the better Volkswagen carbs made, but they are hard to find, and usually are worn beyond use when they are.


Fortunately EMPI has created a quality reproduction that nears the look and performance of the original, and is compatible with original and aftermarket replacement parts and accessories.


The carburetor comes pre-jetted with a 115 air, a 120 main and a 55 idle jet. A base gasket and instructions are included, and the carburetor fits all single port intake manifolds on 1100 to 1600 based engines, in Beetles, Karmann Ghias and Buses.


The 30Pict1 Carb is score approved for 1-1600, 5-1600, 9 and 11 classes, and has been tested in the Baja 1000.


We offer the 30Pict Carburetor as well as many other options online at JBugs.com