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34PICT3 EMPI 98-1289-B VW Carburetor Product Showcase:

Video Overview:

EMPI now has available stock replacement carburetors for most of the popular applications. Whether it's to keep your car running or a full blown restoration, EMPI makes the carburetor that's right for you. Follow along as we walk you through all the features of the EMPI 34Pict 3 Carburetor.

Video Transcript:

Hello I'm Sam with JBugs.com. Fuel and air are two things every VW engine needs.


One of our most popular ways of mixing them is the EMPI's 34-Pict 3 Carburetor. EMPI has reproduced the original VW carb, staying true to the original so it is compatible with original and aftermarket replacement parts.


It has been updated with an adjustable float and comes pre-jetted with a 70 air, 127.5 main jet and a 55 idle jet. EMPI also includes a 130 main and a 60 idle. For those who have high blends of ethanol in their fuel.


A new base gasket and adjustment instructions are included as well. The carburetor fits dual port intake manifolds on 1600 based engines in Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Buses and Things. Stop by JBugs.com to order your new 34-Pict 3 carburetor, and any other accessories you might need for your vintage VW.