The best way to identify what VW Carburetor you need is to find the model number stamped on the side of the carburetor float bowl on your current Carburetor. (e.g. Usually you will find a model number like "30PICT" or "34PICT" stamped on carburetor body.)

If you're not sure what Carburetor you require the next step would be to identify if you have a Single Port or Dual Port Engine.   Please keep in mind this information is for stock engines only. We have no way of knowing what is on your car if it has been modified.

Single Port Carburetors:

It is very important to know the difference between single port and dual port intake manifolds.  Although all Volkswagen engines using carburetors through 1970 came with Single Port Engines and Carburetors, many have changed to dual port engines and intake manifolds.
VW Single Port Carburetor

Stock Single Port Carburetor Models:
28PCI (Discontinued)
28PICT Models (Discontinued)
30PICT Models
31PICT Models

Check the intake manifold. If it is one solid continuous unit from carburetor to heads, you have a single port carburetor and Single port long block engine. Single port intake is bolted to heads using 10mm nuts on 6mm studs.  30 and 31 PICT carburetors are interchangeable.  The 30PICT carburetor does not have an idle shut off valve which came on the 31PICT carburetors.

The 30 or 31 PICT Carburetor can be bolted on for either the 28PCI or 28PICT model Carburetors. The 30/31PICT carbs have a slip on fuel inlet as opposed to the threaded fitting on some 28PICT carburetors. Our replacement carburetors have a 12 volt choke element which can be used on a 6 volt system but will take twice as long to warm up. We do not offer a 6 volt choke.

Dual Port Carburetors:

A "dual port" carburetor does not have two ports! It is just a larger carburetor designed for use with the larger, dual port intake manifold.  VW Dual Port Carburetor The easiest way to tell the difference between the single and dual port intake is that on Dual Port Intake Manifolds, there are either black or orange sleeves on either side of the intake manifold between the carburetor and the cylinder head. Dual port intake is bolted down using 13 mm nuts on 8mm studs.   If your engine has this, your engine (despite the year of the car) has a dual port intake manifold and would use the 34PICT VW carburetor, also known as the "dual port carburetor".

Stock Dual Port Carburetor Models:
34PICT Models Models
Note: The 34PICT-3 carburetor can be used as a replacement for the 34PICT-4 carburetor but does not have the throttle deceleration lever.

What is JBUGS Policy on Carburetor returns?

Our Carburetors are factory bench tested, adjusted, and ready to install. They are guaranteed to work properly right out of the box, free of all manufacturing defects.

That's great! But what does that have to do with my Carburetor?

If your engine is currently not running well and continues to run poorly after a new carburetor has been installed, the problem is either not the carb, or there may be additional problems hindering performance.  Carburetors will not be refunded once installed. Consider your purchase a spare carburetor. We highly recommend you check, diagnose and exhaust every other possibility before purchasing a new carburetor.Usually these problems are far less expensive than the cost of a new carburetor!

Why would I purchase a Carburetor from JBUGS if I can't return it?

Only INSTALLED carburetors will not be refunded. The reason is simple- you wouldn't want to purchase a used carburetor that a previous customer tinkered with or adjusted. More importantly, we will not sell you parts that are not going to work. We stand by our carburetors because we focus on selling quality parts that are proven to work. Our Carburetors are guaranteed to run! Experience has taught us that 99.99% of the time the new carburetor is not defective.


We strive to offer competitive prices on the best VW parts. In order to keep costs down for our customers we can not afford to ship out brand new carburetors for people to troubleshoot their engines. Oftentimes they find the problem elsewhere and we are left with carburetors we can not sell.

If you truly feel one of our new carburetors is defective, you can order and pay for a replacement and send back the other carb back at your cost for inspection. If the carburetor is not defective it will be returned to you at your cost. If the carburetor is indeed found defective, we will refund you the cost of the carburetor and OUR shipping costs to you.