Why Shop with California Pacific/JBugs?

California Pacific/JBugs has served the air-cooled industry for over 15 years. In April of 1998, California Pacific acquired JBugs to become the largest seller of interior products in the industry and one of the leading suppliers of all air-cooled VW parts. We are proud to be the largest (and most knowledgeable) distributor of TMI interior products in the world. The things that separate us from the rest of the companies in the VW Restoration Parts business are as follows:

1. THE QUALITY OF OUR PARTS - every one of our employees owns and restores VWs. We have no patience with inferior parts that do not fit or work when we are working on our own cars and we do not expect you to either. We sell only the best fitting and performing parts we can find.

2. OUR KNOWLEDGEABLE AND FRIENDLY STAFF - the person you talk to on the phone knows, drives, restores and loves VWs. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you get the parts you need to do the job right. We will take the extra time to ask the right questions to determine what parts will fit your car despite the CUSTOMIZING a previous owner may have done to your car. We are here to help you restore your car and have a good time doing it.

3. OUR COMMITMENT TO HELPING YOU RESTORE YOUR CAR - Our famous Interior and Exterior Restoration Videos have helped thousands of VW owners restore their cars. Our Videos show you how to take apart and restore the interior and exterior of your car. These videos have saved our customers thousands of dollars and given them the self-satisfaction of doing it right themselves. Ask anyone else in the industry how to install a headliner, and you will know why you will want our video. There is rarely a day that goes by that we do not hear from a satisfied customer about what a great help our videos were in helping them restore their car. In addition, feel free to call us about installing any of our products. If the person you are talking to does not know the answer, he knows where to find it for you.

Because of the reasons listed above, people who restore one car through us, come back to do their 2nd, 3rd and 4th projects through us also.

Unlike some of the internet only or mail-order only places selling parts, our customers can see our parts and get help on how to plan a restoration. In addition, Jose Rodgriguez, the installer featured numerous times in VW Trends and Hot VWs, is located one block from our store. He offers the finest in Interior, Convertible Top, and Exterior Rubber installation. We know our parts fit because we see them installed every day.

OUR MOTTO: We will not sell you a part that we would not put on our own car.