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VW Bug Floor Pans 1953-1970

1953 to 1970 VW floor pans feature an inverted "L" seat rails. The VW floor pan halves include seat rails while the quarter floor pans do not cover the seat rail area. The floor pan halves include jack supports.

If you need 2 floor pans, order them at the same time as the cost of shipping is the same for either 1 or 2 floor pans.

Professional installation of our VW floor pans is available for customers in our area.

VW Floor Pan Hardware Kit, (1 Per Side)
Item: 111898001
Price: $14.95

VW Rear Luggage Shelf | Type 1
Item: 113813111BH
Price: $299.95

VW Bug Convertible Reinforcement Rail- Left
Item: 151801131
Price: $124.95

VW Bug Convertible Reinforcement Rail- Right
Item: 151801132
Price: $124.95

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