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VW Bug/Super Beetle Bumpers 1974-1979

Where are all the 1974-1979 Beetle Bumpers?

1974-79 VW Beetle Bumpers are currently out of production. The Manufacturer that produced them for years discontinued them at the end of 2011.

If you need bumpers, you might find used German bumpers at your local auto yard, or by calling Interstate Used Parts, or on the classified pages of

We do offer a complete selection of bumper bracket seals, bumper end caps and German-made bumper impact strips.

1974-1979 VW Beetle Bumpers

Front Impact Strip, 74-79 Bug/Super Beetle
Item: 133807225
Price: $79.95

Rear Impact Strip, 74-79 Bug/Super Beetle
Item: 133807425
Price: $79.95

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