1977 VW Bug Body Parts and Sheet Metal

1977 VW Beetle Body Parts We offer a full selection of Volkswagen Body Parts for your 1977 VW Beetle. Our selection of VW Body Parts includes Gas Tanks, Floor Pans, Fenders, Decklids, Aprons, Clips, and Bumpers.

Our VW Body Parts are manufactured with the highest quality, heavy-duty sheet metal. All of our VW Body Parts are imported from Germany, Italy, and Brazil. We keep a huge selection of 1977 Volkswagen Beetle Body Parts in-stock and ready to ship.

Please Note: Our VW Body Parts are sprayed with rust inhibitor. They MUST be sanded and primed prior to installation.

Vintage VW Body Parts

1977 VW Beetle Gas Tanks

1977 VW Gas Tank
We offer a full selection of VW Beetle replacement Fuel Tanks and Fuel Tank Items including Gas Caps, Fuel Filters, Fuel Taps, Gas Tank to Body Seals, Sending Units, Sending Unit Seals, and Fuel Tank Filler Hoses.

Rust and debris in your fuel tank can clog your fuel filter and damage your carburetor. Replacing your fuel components will help keep your Air-Cooled VW running smoothly.

1977 VW Beetle Floor Pans

1977 VW Floor Pans
We offer everything you need to repair your Volkswagen Floor Pans including half and quarter floor pans, floor pan to body seals, floor pan hardware, shock absorbers, and more.

Our VW Beetle half floor pans feature seat rails and include jack supports. Our quarter floor pans can be used to patch rusted out and damaged sections. They do not cover the seat rail area.

1977 VW Beetle Fenders

1977 VW Fenders
We offer a complete selection of replacement VW Front and Rear Fenders and Fender Items such as Fender Beading, hardware, Horn Grilles, and Fender Guards.

Our VW Beetle Fenders are year specific, made with the correct original cut-outs to precisely fit your Air-Cooled VW.

1977 VW Beetle Deckilds

1977 VW Decklids
We offer a full selection of VW Beetle Decklids and items such as handles, seals, hinges, and decklid script.

Our OEM replacement Volkswagen Decklids are constructed from high-quality sheet metal. They will protect your Air-Cooled VW engine and save you the trouble of scraping paint and repairing dents.

1977 VW Beetle Aprons & Clips

1977 VW Aprons & Clips
We offer a complete selection of Volkswagen Beetle Front and Rear Aprons, Front Clips, and replacement items for your VW Aprons including Rear Apron Plugs, Fender Beading, Hood Seals, and much more.

Our reproduction Front Apron is constructed with thick, heavy-duty sheet metal. This high-quality VW Front Apron offers the perfect fit for any restoration project.

1977 VW Beetle Bumpers

1977 VW Beetle Bumper
Our restoration quality Volkswagen Bumpers are triple chrome plated. These are the best, show-quality VW Bumpers available on the market. We now also offer Volkswagen Bumpers made from thick, solid Billet Aluminum. These high quality bumpers will not rust.

View our 1977 VW Bumpers here.

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