1977 VW Bug Door Panels - Sedan/Sunroof

VW 2-Tone Door PanelsWe offer a huge selection of replacement 1977 Volkswagen Bug Door Panels. Our top-quality VW Door Panels are constructed from thick Masonite board backing that is pre-cut for door panel clips and stamped for armrests and rear ashtray. Our Door Panels are offered with or without pockets.

Our replacement Volkswagen Door Panels are made in the USA by TMI and backed by a lifetime warranty. They are designed to precisely match our VW Seat Upholstery and OEM colors.

Our 1977 VW Bug Door Panel options include:

Authentic Style or Two-Tone Custom Door Panels, offered in Smooth Vinyl, Tweed, or Velour in a variety of colors.
OEM Classic Door Panels, feature colored ribbed vinyl with padded heat-seam off-white vinyl centers and piping.
Graphic Door Panels, choose from our three styles and a huge selection of colors to create a true custom interior look.
Economy Door Panels, basic black vinyl door panels offer the same high-quality Masonite board with a thinner vinyl.

We also offer a full selection of VW Door Accessories including the largest selection of colored vinyl armrests in the industry.

VW Door Panel Preparation

We highly recommend installing a vapor barrier before installing your new VW Door Panels. We use a plastic painter's tarp.

Step 1: Cut plastic tarp down to fit the door panel.
Step 2: Use a small bead of silicone around the edges of the metal door interior.
Step 3: Use a small bead of silicone around door handle posts, armrest mounts, and window cranks.
Step 4: Place vapor barrier in place, poking holes for door handle posts, armrest mounts, and window cranks.
Step 5: Poke holes in vapor barrier for door panel clip seals. Then push seals into place.
Step 6: Install your new VW Door Panels!

Please Note: TMI requires a vapor barrier to be installed with our VW Door Panels. Any water damage to the door panel will void TMI's warranty.

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