1977 VW Beetle Exhaust

1977 VW Beetle Exhaust Our 1977 Volkswagen Beetle Exhausts include a complete selection of stock and performance exhaust parts including mufflers, tail pipes, replacement tips, heater boxes, heater hose, j-tubes, and installation hardware.

Whether you want to restore your Air-Cooled VW to stock or give your car a custom performance boost, we have to the aftermarket VW exhaust parts you need!

1977 VW Beetle Stock Exhaust

If you are completing an OEM restoration for your Air-Cooled Volkswagen or you simply need to retain your heating system, our stock exhausts are the perfect fit for your VW Beetle. All of our high-quality OEM exhausts are imported from Germany or Demark.

1977 VW Beetle Performance Exhaust

Our performance exhausts for your Volkswagen Beetle are offered in stainless steel for a long lasting, rust-free finish or in silver ceramic coating that looks great and keeps your engine cooler by reflecting heat back into the exhaust tube.

We have plenty of VW Performance Exhaust options available. Choose between throaty, deep sounding exhausts or quiet muffler systems. Choose from our wide variety of mounting options. Also, choose whether you want to maintain your heating system or bypass it.

1977 VW Beetle Heating

Our selection of Volkswagen Beetle Heating Components includes heater boxes, j-tubes, heater hose, and installation hardware. Replacing your VW Heater Box will allow you to use the defroster and cabin heater without compromising your engine's horsepower output.

Our VW J-Tubes can be installed to replace the heater box. This will lighten the weight of your exhaust and allow for more performance exhaust options. However, they eliminate the defroster and cabin heater in your VW Beetle.

Check Out Our VW Beetle Exhaust and J-Tubes Installation Video for Pointers!

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