1977 VW Bug Rubber Seals

We have created VW Door Rubbers Kits, Body Rubber Kits and Window Rubber Kits for the 1977 VW Beetle. Each of these kits includes all of the rubber you need to completely restore your Volkswagen's Door, Body or Window seals. For a VW undergoing a complete restoration or overhaul, we have created our Complete Car Rubber Kits. These kits bundle together all of the seals offered in the Door, Body and Window Kits.

We try to take the headache out of the VW restoration process. This is why we hand pick all of the seals that we put in the kits, create kits customized for each year and model of classic VW, and offer the highest quality seals available so you can purchase one of our rubber kits knowing that you are getting a superior product.

While our rubber seal kits simplify the process, save you money by bundling your parts together, and include our Exterior Restoration DVD, we understand that not everyone needs a complete kit. This is why we sell our Rubber Seals individually as well.

We offer both Cal-Look Style Window Seals and American Style Window Seals so you can achieve exactly the look you desire for your air-cooled Volkswagen bug. Cal-Look window rubber is a popular style of after-market window seals that do not come with a molding groove. Cal-Look Seals are easy to install and do not require trim. Our American Style window seals are just like OEM. They come with a side molding groove that accepts chrome trip to give your car a polished finish.

1977 Beetle Complete Car Rubber Kits

We designed VW Complete Car Rubber Kits for cars undergoing a complete restoration overhaul or for cars fresh from the paint shop. The kits include all of the exterior rubber seals needed for the 1977 VW Bug Sedan.

1977 VW Beetle Cal Style Rubber Seals
1977 VW Beetle American Style Rubber Seals

Volkswagen Complete Rubber Kits feature German Rubber Door Seals, Window Scrappers and Hood Seals. We offer Cal-Look Style Window Seals which are a popular style of after-market window seals without a molding groove. They are simple to install and require no trim. We also offer American Style Window Seals which are just like OEM and contain a molding groove to accept trim.

1977 VW Bug Cal Look Window Seals
1977 VW Bug American Look Window Seals

1977 Beetle Door Rubber Kits

We carry a complete selection of 1977 VW Bug Door Rubber Kits and Door Seals. For all of our VW Door Rubber, we use only the finest components available and back it up with a lifetime guarantee.

Click Here for VW Door Rubber Installation Instructions

How to Install Door Seals.

Starting at one end and working your way around the door stretches the seal as you go. You will end up with a bulge that will not fit in door channel. More importantly, this is not the way they were designed to install.

Proper Installation.

We recommend test-fitting your door seals before gluing.

1- Make sure you have a clean surface to work with. Remove any old cracked or rotted seal remnants from door channel if necessary.

2- Start by inserting door seals at all 4 corners. Glue in corners with weatherstrip adhesive.

3- Work remainder loose seal in between corners. Glue in place as seal is tucked / fitted inside channel.

4- Follow your weather strip adhesive dry-time guidelines. Cure times will vary by manufacturer.

5- **(If installing German Seals) German seals create an air tight seal when closing doors. This can make closing the doors difficult. Experience has taught us opening your windows a little to let air escape helps while breaking in new seals.0

VW Door Rubber Seal Installation Diagram.

Our Door Rubber Kits are available with German Seals or Brazilian Seals and include all of the seals necessary to completely restore your VW Door Rubber.

German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 1
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 1.
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 2
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 2
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 3
German vs. Brazilian Door Seals 3

The main difference between German and Brazilian Seals is not visual so much as it is the quality of the material. German seals feel like rubber, Brazilian seals feel like foam.

Our VW Door Rubber Kits bundle together all of the parts you need for your specific VW Door Rubber Restoration, save you money, and include our Exterior Restoration video which will help you to install your door rubber like a pro.

1977 VW Beetle Door Rubber

1977 Beetle Window Rubber Kits

We carry a complete selection of 1977 VW Bug Window Rubber Kits, Seals, and Trim. We offer Cal-Look Window Seals which do not come with a molding groove as well as American Style Window Seals which have a side groove that will accept window trim.

We offer only the highest quality window seals available and back our products with a lifetime guarantee. Our Window Seal kits are the best value to the customer, but we also sell Front, Rear and Quarter Window seals individual in both the Cal-Look and American Style.

Our window rubber seal kits coming with non-popout quarter window seals. If you are in need of a seal for a pop-out quarter window, we offer seals for these style windows as well.

Along with our VW Window Rubber Seals, we offer Aluminum Trim Inserts. Like the window rubber, we offer complete window trim kits or you have the option to purchase the front, rear and quarter window trim inserts individually. These aluminum window trim kits fit with the American Style window rubber.

1977 VW Bug Pop-Out Quarter Window Seals 1977 VW Bug Cal Look Rubber Seals

1977 Beetle Body Rubber Kits

JBugs is proud to offer a complete selection of high quality 1977 VW Bug Body Rubber Kits and Seals. We put together kits custom made to fit the specific year of your VW Beetle. They include all of the body rubber seals needed for a restoration and they offer the best value to the customer.

We also offer body rubber seals solid individually. We offer both Brazilian made seals and German made seals when available.

We strive to offer only the highest quality seals that will fit your VW precisely because we understand the frustrations associated with sub-par body rubber.

1977 VW Bug Body Rubber Seals

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