1977 VW Bug Seat Covers & Padding - Sedan/Sunroof

VW Bug Upholstery We are proud to be the largest retailer of replacement Volkswagen Seat Covers in the world.
Our 1977 VW Bug Seat Covers are available in an array of colors and styles.

Our VW Seat Upholstery is available in a variety of materials including Basketweave, Smooth, and Squareweave Vinyl, Velour, and Tweed. All of our upholstery materials can be used in combinations with either Full Insert, which covers the entire portion you sit on, or 12 Inch Insert Upholstery to create a personalized, custom look.

We also offer a complete selection of replacement Headrest Covers and Headrest Pads for your 1977 Volkswagen Bug.

We highly recommend replacing the seat pads in your Classic Volkswagen at the same time as installing your new VW Seat Upholstery.

Our top quality VW Seat Pads are made with pre-formed injection molded high-density foam rubber designed to fill out your seat properly, giving you the proper fit that will last for years. We recommend purchasing burlap or sisel pads when installing new seat foam. A layer of burlap or sisel will protect your new foam pads from the springs eating into them over time.

Full-Seat and 12" Insert Seats.

Now you can preview color and material combinations on our Full Seat Insert and 12 Inch Insert Custom VW Seat Upholstery. Mix and match before you order color samples. Please Note: Pipping will always be the same color as seat base/backing color.

Preview Full Seat Insert HERE

Preview 12 Inch Insert HERE

TMI Interiors

About TMI

TMI Products, Inc. is a family-owned company founded in 1982 by the four Tuccinardi brothers; Robert, Steve, Gene & John. The four brothers found their start in manufacturing by making Volkswagen door panels in their family garage in Torrance, California.

TMI manufactures high-quality interior automotive components such as seat upholstery, interior consoles, floor coverings, door panels, convertible roof assemblies, replacement seat foams, headliners, sun visors, as well as integrated electronic systems.

For more than 30 years TMI has specialized in developing high quality interior components for both classic and current model vehicles.
TMI has developed a highly effective process for matching interior components to the original OEM manufacturing specifications. TMI's team of design specialists examine the OEM fabric and stitching to ensure duplication is authentic and meets or exceeds all safety requirements. All leather, vinyl, and fabrics are manufactured to the original OEM specifications to achieve long-life durability and a look that matches its natural wear.

At the heart of TMI's operation, is a commitment to craftsmanship, safety, innovative design and cutting edge technology, integrated automotive products designed to meet and exceed our customer's demands. Why we choose TMI to manufacture our VW Interior Parts:

TMI is the Only Interior manufacturer that offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

TMI uses Extruded Welt for our Upholstery. That means the color is solid all the way through so even if scuffed it is still the same color. The competition uses wrapped cord; basically a string or white plastic filament with upholstery wrapped around it. If nicked, it shows the white string or plastic inside.
Vinyl Weight; TMI, like Ford, uses heavier vinyl, 30 or 32 oz. as opposed to the 24 to 28 oz. (sometimes 30 oz.) vinyl that the competition uses. TMI Vinyl will last as long the original.

Polyester Backed Vinyl; TMI has Superior Cross-Linked Polyester Backed Vinyl made exclusively for us rather than the low cost "Off-The-Shelf" cotton backed vinyl that the competition uses. Color Correct; both TMI and the competition claim accuracy, however, TMI uses Original Material sources as benchmarks to maintain our color and continues Quality Control checks with every production run. Multi-Needle Precision; TMI has four pre-set Multi-needle sewing machines to sew the exact distance sew pattern of Mustang upholstery to replicate Ford original seam widths. Door Panel Wood Backboard; TMI uses strong top quality Masonite MFD wood for our Door Panels rather than inexpensive and weak cardboard which is subject to failure even upon installation. TMI manufactures their products in the USA

JBugs is your one-stop-shop for Volkswagen Interior Parts. We offer a complete selection of interior upholstery materials and colors so you can restore your VW to stock or create a custom look based on your personal vision.

We are proud to offer the highest quality VW Interior Parts in the Volkswagen Industry. All of our VW Seat Upholstery is made in the USA by TMI. Our VW interior upholstery parts are backed by TMI's Lifetime Warranty.

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