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1977 VW Bug Transmission

JBugs offers a complete selection of 1977 VW Beetle Transmission Parts. Restore your classic Volkswagen engine with new seals, bolts, and mounts.

The 1966 and earlier Volkswagens came stock with a 6 Volt, 180mm Clutch and Flywheel. From 1967 on, it switched to a 12 Volt, 200mm configuration.

While you have your transmission out of your vehicle, we suggest replacing or repairing other drive train parts that will now be easier to access and work with. Having well secured and fully greased Axle Boots will keep your Volkswagen running smoothly. Starters and shifters also commonly need to be replaced when doing a transmission overhaul.

VW Swing Axle and IRS Rear Transmission:

VW IRS & Swing Axle Transmission.
In years 1968 and earlier, Volkswagen transmissions were paired with a Swing Axle.
All Volkswagens 1969 and after used the Independent Rear Suspension.

A simple way to tell the difference in Swing Axle and IRS Transmissions
is to look at the Axle Boots.

Axle Boot only at the Transmission = Swing Axle Transmission
Axle Boots at the Wheel and Transmission = Independent Rear Suspension Transmission

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