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VW Bug Wheel Bearings, Seals & Axle Boots 1965

1965 and Earlier, Wheel Hub.

VW Front Wheel Grease Cap, Left, w/ Hole VW Front Wheel Grease Cap, Right, No Hole VW Front Axle Nut Lock Plate, Each, Left or Right VW Brake Drum, Front, Italian, 5 Lug NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE VW Front Wheel Bearing, Inner, Taper Roller Type, Each, VW Front Wheel Bearing Seal, Each, Use w/ Drum Brakes VW Front Wheel Bearing, Outer, Taper Roller Type, Each VW Front Axle Thrust Washer, Each VW Front Axle Hex Nut, Right, Each, (2 Required) VW Front Axle Hex Nut, Left, Each, (2 Required) offers a complete selection of 1965 VW Bug wheel bearings, 1965 VW Bug swing axle boots and seals. We offer only the finest quality VW Bug wheel bearings to ensure you only have to do this job once.

VW Rear Axle Seal Kit, 1 Needed per Side
Item: 111598051A
Price: $4.95

VW King Pin Set, German, Bug/Ghia 1946-65
Item: 111498021
Price: $49.95

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