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VW Clutches & Components

VW Clutches & Components

For our Clutch Components, we carry the following VW Clutch Parts:

- Luk or Sachs German and Brazilian VW Clutch Covers

- Luk or Sachs German and Brazilian, Meyle German, and Valeo VW Clutch Discs.

- German VW Release Bearings only.

With the enormous cost involved with a failed clutch component, we feel that putting the best clutch components in your car is the least expensive way to go in the long run. We offer only the finest VW clutch parts for your VW Bug, VW Bus, Karmann Ghia, VW Thing, and VW Super Beetle.

There are cheaper clutch parts available, however, we have been burned before using them and will only offer the clutch parts we would put in our own cars. For instance, we will only sell German release bearings (throw-out bearings) because we know the other ones do not last and will let you down.

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