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VW Heater Hose, From Fan Shroud, Silver, Each

VW Heater Hose, From Fan Shroud, Silver, Each

    Item #: 028129087AS

    Price: $3.95

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    Product Fits:

    Beetle 1963-1977
    Super Beetle 1971-1979
    Ghia 1963-1974
    Bus 1963-1971
    Thing 1974

    Product Description

    2" inside diameter Volkswagen aluminum flame resistant heater hose (450 degree max temperature limit). Attaches from fan shroud to heater box for air-cooled VW engines. Each 50mm x 1000mm hose is sold individually.

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    Beginner Tips:

    The Fan Shroud Hoses are an often over looked portion of your VWs Cooling. Yes, of course they are for heating your VW but they also help direct the air flow of your Air Cooled VW! If your hoses are missing or torn, your fan shroud is blowing air uselessly out of the ducts instead of onto the heads and cylinders!

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