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VW Intake Manifold Boot, Bug/Super 1975-79, Each

VW Intake Manifold Boot, Bug/Super 1975-79, Each

    Item #: 043133241

    Price: $3.95

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    Product Fits:

    Beetle 75-77
    Super Beetle 71-79

    Product Description

    Product Details

    VW Intake Manifold Boot, Intake Assembly to End Castings, Each

    Fits Bug 1975-77 & Super Beetle 1975-79 with Factory Fuel Injection
    2 Required per Engine

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    Beginner Tips:

    The VW Intake Manifold Boots connect the Throttle Assembly to the left and right manifold end castings which bolt to the engine head. The rubber boots can split and crack over the years causing intake leaks.

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