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VW Beetle Coupe Firewall Insulation. 3 Piece Set (Thin)

VW Beetle Coupe Firewall Insulation. 3 Piece Set (Thin)

    Item #: 111898805

    Price: $39.95

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    Product Description

    Product Fits:

    VW Beetle 1956-77 Sedan, Ragtop & Sun-Roof

    VW Super Beetle 1971-75 Sedan & Sun-Roof

    Product Details.

    3 Piece Firewall Tarboard Insulation. The firewall from VW is a tarboard which helps in sound deadening and heat insulation. The thin style insulation should be used before installing an aftermarket stainless steel or aluminum firewall.

    If you do not use a metal firewall over the insulation be certain to use additional screws with washers to hold the insulation in place behind the fan shroud. The heat from the engine compartment can cause the thinner material to pull away from the body.

    Does not fit convertibles.

    Standard Firewall tarboard is flexible and can be rolled up and shipped with other items.


    Product Availability

    Product Availability:

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