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VW Ignition Switch, Electrical Assembly

VW Ignition Switch, Electrical Assembly
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    Item #: 111905865F

    Price: $19.95

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    Product Fits:

    VW Bug/Super 1971
    VW Ghia 1971
    VW Bus 1971-74 (To Chassis # 2142164059)

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    VW Ignition Switch, Electrical Assembly

    Tips & Hints

    Helpful Hints & Tips:

    Replacing the Ignition Switch (and most all the VW Switches) is very simple. The switch terminals are numbered, their designations are:

    30 - Battery Power from the Headlight Switch
    15 - Power to the Fuse Box
    50 - Power to the Starter
    X - Power To the Headlight Switch
    P - Parking Position Power (NOT USED) We cut the GRAY wire off at the terminal when installing the new ignition switch

    VW Factory Color Coding:
    30 - Red
    15 - Black
    50 - Black w/Red Stripe
    X - Black w/Yellow Stripe at Ignition Switch. Changes to Red w/Black at Headlight Switch harness

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