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VW Turn Signal Switch, Bug 72-79, Ghia 72-74

VW Turn Signal Switch, Bug 72-79, Ghia 72-74
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    Item #: 111953513F

    Price: $49.95

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    Product Description

    Product Fits:

    VW Beetle 1972-78
    VW Super Beetle 1972-79
    VW Ghia 1972-74
    VW Type 3 1972-74
    VW Thing 1973-74

    Product Details.

    Late model VW Turn Signal Switch. Fits multiple cars.

    Tips & Hints

    Helpful Hints & Tips:

    Installing the turn signal switch is pretty easy. It is modular and clips into the Windshield Wiper Switch. The wiring runs down the steering column and plugs into the turn signal harness "pigtail".

    The factory color codes for the wires on the pigtail are:
    Black/White/Green - 49a Terminal on Turn Signal Relay
    Black/White - Left Turn Signal Harness 4 way Plug
    Black/Green - Right Turn Signal Harness 4 way Plug
    Brown - Chassis Ground Tab on body
    Brown/White - "S" Terminal on Headlight Relay
    Brown - Ground Signal to Horn Wire Harness

    NOTE - If you turn on the ignition and the horn is on, the two brown wires are reversed.

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