VW Complete Car Rubber Kit, American Style, Beetle Sedan 1960

VW Complete Car Rubber Kit, American Style, Beetle Sedan 1960

    Item #: 113-COMP-1960

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    This 1960 VW Beetle Sedan complete rubber kit features American style seals. American Style have a groove for chrome window molding. The Complete Rubber Kit includes all of the components for a complete door rubber, body rubber and window rubber restoration plus additional seals to complete the rubber restoration process.

    Complete Exterior Rubber Kit.
    Bug 1960, Kit features American Style Window Seals.

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    Body Rubber Kit Includes:

    - Body Rubber Kit.

    Hood, Decklid, fenders, turn signals, & more.

    - Door Rubber Kit.

    Felts channels, scrappers and German door seals.

    - Window Seal Kit.

    All 4 stationary window seals.

    1960 Beetle
    w/ American style seals.

    Product Description:

    American Style Seals have the Groove for the Window Trim. Trim is included with the complete car rubber kit.Trim Must be Installed before the Seals are Installed. American Style window seals are popular with people who wish to re-apply the chrome window trim for a vintage look.

    Jbugs Complete Car Rubber Kits are designed for a hassle-free body restoration. Our Complete Exterior Car Rubber kits include all the exterior rubber for your car! Save time and money by purchasing a kit.Our Rubber Kits contains the finest replacement seals available and are LIFETIME GUARANTEED.

    This kit also includes our Exterior DVD to instruct you on how to put it all together. Our video is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and covers all the basics.

    Note: This kit will not fit pop-out quarter windows or "one-piece" roll up windows please give us a call and we can try to make a custom kit for your car.

    Items Pictured that are Included:

    German Hood Seal
    Turn Signal Seals
    Headlight Seals
    Hood Handle Seal
    Fender Beading -all 4 fenders
    Door Panel Clip Seals
    Door Hinge Oil Plugs
    Hinge Screw Hole Covers
    Door Checkrod Seals
    Door Checkrod Stops
    Door Checkrod Seals
    Door Handle Seals
    Bumper Seals -uppers/lowers
    Decklid Handle Seals
    Tail Light Seals
    License Light Seal
    Decklid Seal
    Window Felt Chanels
    Brazilian Outside Scrappers
    Vent Wing Flaps
    Vent Wing Seals
    German Door Seals
    American Style Window Rubber Kit for Windshield, Rear Window & Both Quarter Windows (stationary)
    Note: Includes Window Trim Inserts & Clips for Windshield, Rear Window & Both Quarter Windows (for stationary windows only).

    Items not Pictured that are Included:

    Exterior Restoration Video
    License Lens Seal
    Horn Wire Boots
    Speedo Cable to Body Seal
    Speedo Cable thru Drum Boot
    Tail Light Wire thru Body Seals
    Wiper Shaft Grommets
    Wiper Nozzle with seal
    Clutch Tube Boot
    Rear Apron Plugs
    Glove Box Stops
    Battery Cable to Starter Grommet
    Heater Cable Tube Sleeves
    Rear Engine Seal
    Firewall Seal
    Brake Line to Body Seals
    Fuel Line thru chassis Collar

    All seals in this kit are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

    Please Note: The information listed below is for stock, unmodified VW's manufactured for sale in the US.
    VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car.
    California Pacific JBugs is not responsible for any errors if your car has been modified in any way.

    1960 VW
    Standard Beetle Hardtop
    1960 VW
    Standard Beetle
    Sliding Ragtop





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