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VW Turn Signal Flasher Relay, 12 Volt 1968-70.

VW Turn Signal Flasher Relay, 12 Volt 1968-70.
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    Item #: 211953215C

    Price: $11.95

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    Product Description

    Product Fits:

    Type 1 Beetles 1965-70
    Ghia 1965-71
    Type 2 / Bus 1968-70
    Type 3 1968-70
    Thing 1973-74

    Product Details.

    12 Volt Turn Signal Flasher Relay.

    ALT: 211-215CX

    Tips & Hints

    Helpful Hints & Tips:

    This model can also used for 1966 & earlier models that have been converted to 12 volt systems.

    Replacing the Turn Signal Relay is very simple. The terminals are labeled, their designations are:

    49 - Power from the Fuse Box
    49a - Power to the Turn Signal Switch
    31 - Chassis Ground
    KBL - Power to the Flasher Bulb

    VW Factory Color Coding:
    49 - Black
    49a - Black w/White and Green Stripe
    31 - Brown
    KBL - Blue w/Red Stripe

    NOTE! If the Turn Signal Indicator Bulb does not blink when the turn signals are on, move the wire from the KBL terminal to the 49a terminal (use a piggyback or jumper connection) with the Black/White/Green wire.

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