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Front Speaker Kick Panels, Pair, Super Beetle Sedans

Front Speaker Kick Panels, Pair, Super Beetle Sedans

    Item #: 331-003SBUG

    Price: $59.95

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    Product Description

    Front Speaker Kick Panels, Pair, Super Beetle Sedans Front Speaker Kick Panels, Pair, Black Heavy Duty Fiberglass
    Fits All Super Beetle Sedans & Sun-Roof Cars. Hardware Not Included.

    Add Some Sound to Your Ride!
    Our Front Speaker Kick Panels are made of heavy-duty fiberglass
    to resist vibration noise associated with cheap plastic panels.
    The thick fiberglass aids in securely mounting the speakers to the
    kick panel as well as fastening them to the front side kick panel area
    of the car.

    The Speaker Kick Panels create a cavity between the front side interior
    areas of the car and the Speaker Kick Panels to allow the mounting of the
    speakers without having to cut into the metal area of the car.

    The Speaker Kick Panels can accept 5 1/4 inch round speakers as well as many
    6 inch speakers with shallow magnets. The panels direct the music slightly
    upward and inward in the car to provide optimum sound quality. The panels are
    finished in black so that they can be placed either under or on top of an existing
    carpet kit.

    The Speaker Kick Panels will NOT impede any foot movement inside. We do
    NOT recommend putting any speakers in door panels. In addition to getting
    the speakers wet, the door panels and clips do not have sufficient strength
    to hold today's heavy magnet speakers.

    We put these Speaker Kick Panels in all of our own cars.


    Fits up to 7" diameter speakers (or 5 ½" with 1" tweeters, etc.) Depending on which car you have, there will be 3" to 4" of space behind the Speaker Panel, 2" to 3" on convertibles.

    Really Easy Instructions

    You'll need:

    1. 40 grit sandpaper
    2. Jigsaw with a fine blade
    3. Electric drill with 1/8" bit
    4. Phillips screwdriver (or drill with phillips screwdriver bit)
    5. Template for your speaker (usually comes with your system)
    6. Pieces of cardboard to practice on
    7. 8 Sheet metal screws.


    1) Decide whether you will mount Speaker Panels over or under existing or new carpet, then;

    2) Pre-fit the Speaker Panel up against your kick panel area above the heater channel. Some trimming may be required simply by using sandpaper. We recommend putting insulation, carpet or some type of pad behind the speaker, up against the metal kick panel area of your car. This makes your system "sound" better.

    3) Once you are satisfied with the fitting of the speaker panel and its ready to install, you can now insert your speakers:

    First, cut out the hole using the template, or practice on cardboard. If you drill the hole too big, then you'll have to buy another set and start over again. It is best to cut out the hole with the jigsaw, smaller than the template shows, them use sandpaper to make your speaker fit perfectly.

    Mount your speakers, tweeter, etc. into the Speaker Panel.

    4) Now, drill 4 holes, one at each comer using a drill with 1/8" bit. Hold the panel exactly where you previously pre-fit, and drill thru the panel and the metal kick panel of your car. Then screw the 4 screws into both, with a screwdriver (or drill with phillips screwdriver bit). Note: Bonding or attaching the speaker panel to your kick panel area without screws, will not allow access to your speaker, if you ever need to get to it. Carpet over if you choose.

    Remember, if you have any questions, call us. We are happy to assist you!


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