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VW Seat Upholstery, Full Set, OEM Classic Vinyl-Select Color, Beetle 1956-1957

VW Seat Upholstery, Full Set, OEM Classic Vinyl-Select Color, Beetle 1956-1957
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    Item #: 43-1122-Classic

    Price: $239.95

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    Our 1956-1957 VW Beetle Full Set Seat Upholstery Kit includes Front and Rear Seat Upholstery with OEM Classic Vinyl includes Smooth Vinyl for the seating, backrest, sides, and back surfaces. It also includes Off-White vinyl piping and original padded heat-seam pattern. Choose from our wide selection of colors: Brown, Grey, Brick Red, Water Blue, and Pea Green, all with Off-White vinyl piping.

    Basketweave Vinyl
    NOTE: Color samples are close approximations. Actual colors may display differently depending on your monitor's settings. We remind you we will be happy to send out color swatches of any materials we sell to help you color-match your interior before you place an order for special-order interior items.

    Product Fits:

    1956-57 VW Beetle Coupe.

    Product Availability:

    All 1956-57 VW Beetle Seat Upholstery is custom made to order.Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

    Product Details:

    All JBUGS upholstery is made with the finest quality materials,completely finished (no sewing required), and has extruded vinyl piping and original padded heat-seam patterns for the year of the car. Kit includes Front & Rear Seat upholstery with Smooth Vinyl seating/backrest surfaces and matching Smooth Vinyl sides and back with Off-White Piping on edges. Buy with confidence knowing all seats are covered by TMI Upholstery's limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

    Need Seat padding?

    JBUGS Piping
    Seat Pad Foam.

    Do not forget our replacement seat pad kit and burlap to achieve professional results.
    (Click here to purchase separately).

    Seat Pad Kits NOT included with kit but can be purchased separately.

    Please Note: The information listed below is for stock, unmodified VW's manufactured for sale in the US.
    VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car.
    California Pacific JBUGS is not responsible for any errors if you car has been modified in any way.

    1956 VW
    Standard Beetle
    Sliding Ragtop
    1957 VW
    Standard Beetle
    Sliding Ragtop





    Tips & Hints

    Helpful Hints & Tips:

    vw beetle-bug seat frame difference.
    VW Beetle seat frame difference.

    vw beetle-bug seat upholstery difference.
    VW Beetle seat upholstery difference.
    1954-67 VW Beetle Low-Back Seat Frames look very similar, share the same seat rails, and are often switched between cars when replacement seat frames are needed. The Seat Upholstery, however, installs differently depending on seat frame year. We recommend checking if your seat frames are original for your car before ordering VW Seat Upholstery.

    1954-64 VW Seat Backrest Frames have a bottom bar with a slit. Seat upholstery reinforcement strip tucks in to this slit. 1954-64 VW Seat Upholstery piping runs from left side to right side.

    1965-67 VW Seat Backrest Frames
    have a bar with spikes that puncture through upholstery. Spikes are then bent over upholstery edge. 1965-67 VW Seat Upholstery piping runs from front to back of seat backrest.


    Seat Pad Foam & Burlap for 43-1122-Classic

    Upholstery Specs:

    VW Color matched interiors, Solid Extruded Vinyl Piping, and TMI Upholstery Backing for 43-1122-Classic

    TMI Warranty:

    43-1122-Classic has the Best TMI Limited Lifetime Warranty for Interior Upholstery Products

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