Introducing JBugs Quad Carburetor System.

Gain 4 times the power with simple bolt-on installation.


April 1 2023

If Dual Carbs are better than 1, why not go for 4?

Well... to be honest we've wondered this ourselves and figured it was time for something new.  After more than a decade of research, the time has come. The Classic Air Cooled world is ready for a revolutionary change.

This just in from JBugs. Go wild with our JBMX-4 Quad Carburetor Kit Part #412023. This brand new kit effectively places a high-power JBMX carburetor on top of each intake port for supreme power! No more slow VW's. Tear up the street in style.  Set asphalt on fire as you wheelie out the parking lot in your '65 beetle (wheelie bar highly recommended with purchase). Be the trailblazer in your town with quadruple the cool factor.

So you're probably thinking "I like what I see. How can I get my grubby little hands on these muchachos for my car?" We've made it easy for you by sourcing the biggest carbs & air cleaners your engine bay will allow without body work or modifications. Race proven JBMX carburetors not only look beefy, but are built bullet proof tough!  These carbs come with 84mm venturis, 255
main and 150 idle jets pre-installed and additional jets for tuning in the box.  Top them off with magneto reluctant vacuum pistons, and a capacitive throttle valves and you have the smoothest emulsion flow on the market. The increased air flow and fuel supply will significantly improve the power output at any displacement.

Rectangular air cleaners fit inline so you can squeeze them in side-by-side to achieve maximum air flow.  The kit comes with our new quad-linkage, which featured improved heim joints made of prefamulated amulite and aligned with two spirving bearings for added strength.  Best of all, these delta-type quad carbs are engineered to bolt-on without need to modify your engine bay.  Our JBMX-4 quad carburetor kits are guaranteed to double your HP on a stock 1600cc, and are more than capable of increasing your torque by a factor of 4 when paired with stroker pistons and a high-flow exhaust. 

Installation will require major tuning since you'll essentially have a cyclone of air ripping through your engine cylinders. As with any carbureted engine, we recommend tuning your air-fuel ratios as these will vary depending on your altitude.  But we won't bore you with the little mundane details, instead check out these sweet-sweet dyno numbers we totally made up.

Act now while we're taking preorders. Limited quantities will be available upon release. Due to popular demand, we expect these to sell out fast.  Production is scheduled for late Q3 2068.  Happy April Fools!

Adrian Sarducchi
Technical Advisor & Blogger

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