The winner of our poll, a 1967 Sunroof Beetle, was chosen for our next project. Let's get it cleaned up & have a look at it.


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You voted and we listened. This 1967 Sunroof Beetle is the viewer's choice and the car Sam will be fixing up to drive to the VW Round Up Car Show in Florence, AZ. That show is just a couple months away so it's time to get to work. First, the car needs to be cleaned up a little bit so that Sam can assess its' condition. Then, you can vote to decide which wheels it will be getting. We have some great choices!

Video Transcript

You guys voted and you chose the 1967 Beetle. So, let’s go over to the back lot and pull this thing out of the pile, get it to the shop, get it cleaned up and figure out what we’re gonna do from there.

So, here we are again. 104 degrees today, since that seems to be an ongoing theme, that I’ve mentioned the temperature in every one of these videos. You guys chose the 1967 Beetle which is over there. So I’ve got to move the ’73 Super Beetle, the ’72 Super Beetle behind it and then I can get to ’67 Beetle and pull it out and take it over to the shop and get it cleaned up.

So there’s two Bugs out of the way, the ’73 in the back, the ’72 in the front. Just realized the ’72 has an engine too, just like the ’73 does. That Karmann Ghia has an engine that runs. I don’t know about these two. The ’67 has an engine as well, but I don’t think it spins that well so I’ve got some decisions to make there as well. However, I say I’ve got some decisions, in reality that decision is gonna be up to you guys, but that will be in a later poll. Start thinking about it because eventually I’m gonna have to put an engine in this thing. Which one is it gonna be? Is it going to be the engine that’s already in it and you guys are gonna make me pull that apart, figure out what’s going on, and rebuild it. Or, am I gonna take one of those engines? Or, again this is your guys’ decision, am I going to just go completely crazy and put a new EMPI 1915 longblock in this thing? Again, the choice is your guys, so keep an eye out for that poll as well. But in the meantime, I’ve got this thing loaded up and I’m gonna take it over to the shop, very carefully and consciously.

[Sam singing] “They see me rollin’ my forklift. Holding a 1967 VW Beetle. I hope I don’t drop it.”

Cause that would be a shame.

So, over there is our shop. Right there is my hose. I got to go out to the truck and grab my pressure washer which I brought in just for this occasion. So I can get this guy all cleaned up and looking pretty..ish. Or nevermind, I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty anytime soon. So I can just get this thing cleaned up. Call it lipstick on a pig. Call it what you will. Just, it’s got to get rolling and it’s obviously not rolling yet.

Alright, so here we are at the shop. I’m gonna roll that window up a little bit so I don’t get too much water on the inside of the car. Sunroof’s closed up, as good as we can. Um, either way, it’s 100+ degrees. This car has been out in the weather for who know how many years. A little bit of rain from a pressure washer isn’t going to kill anything. So, I’m gonna go through and pressure wash this thing and have some fun.

Let’s see if this window cranks or not. Ugh, hey, it goes one way. Will it go? Nope. Well, hold on for a moment. Well, I literally twisted the knob on the window crank. Getting this thing into place, but woo, it took some work, but that window is all the way up. That regulator is very, very dirty. Again, I want to do the necessities in this car and have a working window regulator is kind of a necessity. Um seals, I mean, aren’t a necessity, unless you’re out driving in weather. But, I don’t know. I’m gonna try to save as many of these seals and not replace them as we go. But that’s definitely something I’ve got to have operating windows when we don’t have air conditioning.

And I don’t like this floppy fender that’s only held on by one bolt so I’m gonna make sure that I can thread a fender bolt in easily enough. Yeah, that’ll do. And we’ll put in two fender bolts for now. Is fender beading a necessity? Nope. Absolutely not. But lug bolts are. But then again, so are wheels and tires that hold air. Again, that ‘s gonna be one of those things where you guys decide what wheels we are gonna put on this thing. Cause I just can’t roll like that, can I? I mean, yeah I could, but why?

Apparently, I need some more water pressure.

I got tired of holding the camera so I got a tripod. I got half of the car done. I got the engine compartment done, but you can’t see it from back there. My phone was overheating in the hot sun. I’m gonna do the trunk and inside the door. You guys might hate me, but again, it’s 100+ degrees. It’s gonna dry off. And it’s been out in the weather for years so I’m not concerned about getting a little bit of water inside the car. So, watch me spray things.

I mean, sure this is a little extreme, but imagine you were out driving in a monsoon. There’s a lot of water in those doors. And that’s just from spraying the door for a few moments so. Again, that’s a hole there where people oftentimes put speakers, on later model cars at least. But that’s how much water is inside your door from just a simple wash. Yeah granted, our seals are in bad shape, but are yours in perfect shape? Cause even if they are, they’re not gonna seal that well.

Hello, America.

Alright, so that about does it for this first wash and who knows. I have like soap and stuff so I could like spray the whole car with foam and it might look cool, but I honestly don’t think this car is anything close to being ready for soap. Just a good pressure wash. Get some of the dirt and oxidation and stuff off. I’m gonna let it dry out obviously since I sprayed so much water and you guys are so concerned about rust, most likely. But it’s 107 out here so it’s gonna dry out pretty quick.

Alright, just so you guys can get an idea of how long this thing’s been sitting that just is like crumbling away. And it might just be from one summer of Phoenix heat but. And that just fell off. So, this is my first time really looking through the car. That dashboard is just hacked to heck for I don’t know what kind of radio that is, but goodness gracious, why would you do such a horrible thing to a car? Um, maybe a little bit of rust at the bottom of that A-pillar, nothing horrible. All in all, pretty good. Floor pans, I haven’t taken a good look underneath, but they seem pretty solid. Obviously they’ve got some water on them, but they’ll dry out, trust me. There’s a whole heckload of dirt in here. We’ve got tail light assemblies. Sunvisors, sweet we are definitely gonna need those. Um, we got um, one of the access plates for the front in there. Oh sweet, we got the license lid, license light lid, beak, whatever the heck. Some upper bumper brackets and some miscellaneous, oh we’ve got some sunroof parts. That’s one of the sunroof covers. We’re gonna have to find almost all the sunroof pieces because I think pretty much everything’s out of the sunroof on this. At least we’ve got some cables and some pieces there. So hey, hopefully whoever took all this apart saved most of it for us. We’ve got some original reverse lights. We’ll grab those. We’ll grab the original bumpers that were on the trailer when we brought it in. Oh, I see some daylight, yep there. Guess what, that’s gives me an opportunity to show you guys how to do floorpans with the body on. So, we’ve got some work to do. Our headliner is in excellent shape. Look at that. Woo, I’ve never seen a better headliner.

Alright, I’ve got to keep my camera in the shop because it’s too hot out here and it’ll just shut down with the heat. So, I’m gonna get one more lug bolt in that wheel because if you remember from our first video “We Just Bought 8 ½ Bugs in the Middle of a Heat Wave”, this only had one lug nut on it. So, I’m gonna put one more in it and then even though it’s got two flat tires I’m gonna try to get it pushed into the shop. And then try to get it up on jack stands so I can pull these wheels off.

So, after a little bit of work, we got her hosed off. But first things first, I obviously can’t move it around on these wheels and these tires. So, we don’t have a stock set so stock wheels, out of the question. At least these stock wheels. Now, I can put on stock Chromies. I can put on the Vintage 190 aluminum wheels. I can do the BRM wheels. I can do the 5 spoke EMPI wheels. You guys vote in the poll. Let me know what wheels should I put on this thing. At which point I’m gonna put some tires on those wheels, rewire it. That’s a necessity for me. I don’t trust old wiring. I want that sunroof to work. I don’t if I’m gonna be able to find all the parts in the car or simply find all the parts period. I’m missing a seat in here. It’s missing a rear seat bottom. Not a big deal. I’m pretty sure we’ve got a couple of those lying around. The car does have pop outs. That’s pretty cool. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

So that’s gonna be it for this video guys. I think anyway. It’s still filthy on the inside. I don’t like sitting in here. But, I lied, it’s pretty comfortable after being outside in the heat. I’m actually sitting down in a chair. Ok, it’s pretty comfy. But anyway, that’s about it. Vote early, vote often and stay tuned to see if I can get this engine running. Bye.

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