We are pulling out the engine of this 1967 VW Beetle in preparation for our next project, new wiring. How long will it take?


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Watch video to see how long it will take to pull this engine.

We continue the tear down of the 1967 Sunroof Beetle. We still have a lot of work to do, and a priority for us is new wiring so we have to get the engine out of the way so we can remove the firewall tar board to get all the wiring behind it removed. Watch and enjoy the continued tear down as we get this VW Beetle one step closer to road worthy.

Video Transcript

Now that I've got the engine running and I've confirmed the transmission works, we’ll get the dang engine pulled out.

Why? Because there's a whole bunch of wires that run behind the tar board, from here all the way over to here and over into here. And here over here for the tail lights. This is all on the way up. And yeah okay I could pull the fan shroud and pull this generator and pull that stuff out. And then I could get to the tar board and pull it out. But you know, what honestly it's going to be a lot easier, just to drop the engine.

I'm going to go through and disconnect all the wiring from the engine; accelerator cable, fuel line from the fuel pump, uh this nice bypass filter that I'm going to have to figure out what to do with down here. It's not a bad idea, but it's by no means something I plan on keeping. I've got to do all that stuff, disconnect the heater boxes underneath, and then of course unbolt the engine from the transmission and then drop it down.

But anyway, it's now 10:37. Let me see how long it's going to take.

First things first, I don't think I have the battery connected so I don't have to worry about disconnecting that. Fuel line, get that popped off.

Reverse light, that's out of the way. Some random wire through the firewall, don't need that. That's an odd place for that wire. Could be why this voltage regulator wasn't charging, but who knows. We'll figure that out later.

I might swap that out to an alternator while the engine's out. I saw throwing sparks when it was running. I did a couple tests on it, off camera, the other day and I could not get it to output any power. And now that I see the wiring, I can see maybe that's the reason why.

Now that's disconnected, that's disconnected. Fuel line, out the bottom. That fitting and that fitting got to be disconnected from that filter. And then everything up here is good. And then I have to go underneath the car.

I'm not getting nothing out of there. Didn't get anything out of there either. I wonder if that thing was actually even doing anything. The weird one is this. That guy right there, that little fitting there that goes into the generator stand is just very, very weird. It's got some sort of fitting that goes into a stud, which I wonder if they actually drilled that stud out or if it's a hollow eight millimeter stud. It'll be interesting to find out when I pull it apart.

All right, this is good that one's good. See if I can get those guys out. Show you what I'm looking at.

All right, we got a couple of bolts on the back of the bell housing. Got one on the top left right there, yeah top left or right. Well anyway, there's one at the top left. There's one at the top right. I've got to get both of those nuts out.

Got that guy got. Got that one out. There, now you can see the threads, maybe, on that guy and over there on that guy. Those nuts are off so now I can work on the bun. The ones down below.

All right, what am I doing down there; heater cables, fuel lines already disconnected, nuts for the engine to transmission so it's probably just gonna be heater cables down below and the two nuts. So an 8 and a 17. Hopefully should be all I need. Bye guys.

Heater cable one, eight millimeter and whether or not it comes free yeah that's a good question. It's free. Heater cable two, still connected. Disconnected. Now the fun part, this thing is filthy underneath. Heck I can't even see the darn heads of these bolts. You guys got to see this, or rather not see this.

All right, so in there and in there are the heads of the nuts. I've got to get them exposed. Pardon me for a moment.

All right, so I got one side pulled off. Still working on that guy, but I wanted to show you guys the progress. We're getting there. That's the last bolt I've got to do. At which point then I can pull this engine out.

11:05 now, one bolt to go.

Well look at that. That engine is ready to come out.


Now I don't care about the hoses. I do care about this A frame.

Oh, there we go.

There, engine’s out.

Not that I bothered paying attention, but 11:17.

What tools did I use? 9/16 for those uh bypass lines. Ratcheting 17. Box end of a regular 17. A flathead screwdriver for prying out all the grub and grease and dirt and whatnot. And an eight millimeter nut driver for the accelerated cable and the heater cables. That's it, not a whole lot. Pretty basic.

And now we can get to, well we can get that guy out of here because there's no oil in either one of those lines. We can clean up all the tar board. Honestly, I'd like to try and save the tar board, but I don't know if it's going to happen. But I'm going to try. Anyway, I got some more clean up to do, so.

All right, just before I start taking things off this thing, mainly mostly just that so I can install our collar, so I can put it on the stand. This is what we're looking at as far as stuff on the engine. Obviously missing those guys, which is not all that uncommon. Build up and stuff and whatnots and so forth. Goodness gracious who knows when the last time those valve covers were actually pulled off. Not much build up in the cylinder head, so that's good.

I'm probably just going to do a quick vacuum and clean up on this thing. I'm not going to do too much. I don't think. We do have like a hole in the fan shroud. That's not good. Those are for the spark plug wire holders. Not a big deal. The fan shroud's not sitting in place properly so I'll definitely take care of that. Maybe scrape off some more of this grease. I got to pull off that screw and that screw back there so I can get this tin out. And get the collar put on and put this thing on the stand, but. Adjust the valves, and again, I'm probably going to swap out this generator. But I actually might run this thing on the bench and just do one last check to see if this generator is indeed bad or if it was just the wiring that was done incorrectly.

But, we'll get there. Again, my one of my favorite things and whenever they put this new oil cap on they cut it out of the package and they maybe didn't realize that the shrink packaging was still on. So they never took it off and guess what, I'm gonna leave it there too.

All right. so engines out on a stand. Everything's kind of cleaned up, vacuumed up, dusted out, and scraped down. I'm gonna start getting to work on pulling all this stuff out of the firewall.

Tons of oil on top of it.

All right, I think I've got all the prongs bent out and the two tabs at the bottom. Let's see how it goes.

I hear America outside.

All in one piece.

Main wiring harness comes out here and these are the wires that go to the engine. We also have a leg for the tail light, for the right side. We have a leg off of that. That goes down to our starter solenoid. And then under that we've got a wire that runs out for our reverse lights, right here and here. And this is our power into our reverse light switch on the transmission. So now I'm going to try and pull these side panels without breaking those guys so I can reuse those.

A little worse for the wear, but we can use it or reuse it right.

I'm going to cut all these wires out right now because I ain't gonna reuse any of them. Actually I'll keep this thick wire right here. I'm going to keep that one so I can use it to pull the new harness in.

Look out, here comes hammer happy Harvey.

All right, well camera's almost dead, my phone is almost dead and at this point I'm just going to do some cleanups and vacuuming and whatnot. But now we've got our engine compartment cleaned out. Firewall seal is out. Rear engine seal’s out. All the tar boards out. I'm gonna probably do another pressure wash in this area tomorrow. I didn't bring my pressure washer in today. Before I start pulling new wiring in. And then addressing some other issues. Swing axle boots need to be replaced. Rear engine seal, firewall seal, new clutch cable, new accelerator cable. Stuff like that. In the meantime, I'm just going to clean up and then charge my phone.

All right, after round two of pressure washing under the trunk, inside the car some more. Luckily our floor has drain holes, so that helps when you fill it up full of water. All the sunroof and all that fibers, junk all over the interior. Hopefully it should make a little bit easier when it comes time to work in here. And then our engine compartment is nice and cleaned out. And I got a lot of the grease and gunk and junk off the swing axle boots so that'll make replacing those a little bit easier.

So at this point, finally, I think I might be ready to pull some new wires. Maybe. But that'll be in the next video. Later guys.

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