We're out in Lake Pleasant, AZ where our friend and customer, Kyle, is testing out his Class 11 Bug. Maybe he will take us for a spin!


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Watch the video for a sneak peak of this Class 11 Bug

We recently met Kyle, the builder of a class 11 race car, when he sold us eight Beetles he had been using as parts cars. Kyle is getting his class 11 Bug prepped for an upcoming race and he invited us out for a test run. We jumped at the chance to see his car in action!

Video Transcript

Well, it's a beautiful Sunday morning. We're out in Lake Pleasant, Arizona or just south of. This is Kyle. He owns this car. This might kind of put everything together, as far as we met a guy. We bought a whole bunch of cars from him. He had a class 11 race car. Well, this is the car. It's fresh out of paint and body. You might notice this nice little paint scheme and stickers. It was kind of inspired by, that number right there you guys might remember that from some movies back in the day. Anyway, we thought it would be a pretty cool play to take that number and kind of decorate the car like Herbie. It ought to be a big hit on the race course. But I don't know, I think the car is kind of, it be missing something.

There, that's better. I think we can call this thing done now. What do you guys think? Do we need one more? Do you think we need one more? All right, we’ll get one more. There we go. This thing's looking, it's just awesome. Ready to go and get dirty.

We're gonna, or rather we're nothing, this isn't my car. This is Kyle's car. He's gonna take it out and do some spins and do some testing on it before he's got an upcoming race, in Utah? In Utah, in just like a week or two. So, he's gonna do some break in the freshly built motor, test the new configuration, and we're gonna film it and just have a bunch of fun getting dirty this morning.

So just a little rebuild on the shocks. Add a little bit more rebound, keep the back end a little bit more planted. Guys behind got the shocks all pulled apart. 

Race car. Because race cars.

All right, we’re gonna go for a little test with Kyle, just for fun.

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