We are towing four more Beetles back to our shop, right middle of a hot AZ summer day.


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Watch the video to see our four car haul.

Last week we showed you the jackpot we scored, eight Beetles we purchased from a nearby seller, who happens to be one of our customers. We are anxious to get to work on them, but first we need to get them all to their new home, our JBugs warehouse and shop. Today we will get four more brought in. Nevermind that it’s scorching hot outside; a little heat won't stop us!

Video Transcript

We're loaded up again and heading back to the shop on the first trip for today in this tepid, beautiful 111 degree heat.

Hi guys, another day another ‘67 Bug going on the trailer. We've already got another ‘72 Super loaded up on the other trailer. We're gonna get these guys back to the shop today. Kind of a deja vu trip, just like last trip, the first trip. This is another trip and we still got, yeah, at least two more trips after this. It's 111 degrees on a breezy Phoenix day so enjoy the show guys. Thanks.

All right, we're getting there. We gotta slide the back end of this car over a little bit so it's straight in line with the trailer, but we’re getting there.

All right, I got to get one of these things. That thing, it pulled this car up this trailer with no air in the tires. No air in that tire and it pulled up my ramp I normally have for my toys, my off-road toys, but this thing did awesome. I can't complain, not one bit. No air in tires and we're all the way up.

All right, ‘67’s loaded up on the truck here and we're about ready to head back.

We got the ‘72 Super Beetle already loaded up. This one was already ready to go by the time we got here, so thank you to the guy we're buying all these things from because that made it a little bit quicker for this trip.

So we're gonna get these things towed down to the shop and unloaded. See you guys down there or maybe see you on the road.

Back at the shop, round two. We'll put these with the other ones, which I'm sorry I still haven't covered, but we'll get there. Anyway, we're gonna get these unloaded, pulled off with the forklift, put in line with the other ones, and we'll go do some more.

All right, trip two of day two. It's now currently 113 degrees on my phone and we got the ‘73 loaded up. Now we're gonna grab something else, I don't know what, and we'll put it on my trailer and we'll get two more cars taken out to the warehouse.

Putting this bad puppy to work. Dragging that thing up and over. Now it’s got to be hand cranked. All right, we're loaded up here, about ready to rock and roll. Getting out of town.

Up to 116 now, yeah that's what my watch says. I'm not gonna argue with it. Never mind a truckload of FedEx parts going out in the background, swapping trailers. We can get a couple hundred boxes out, a couple hundred orders shipped out to customers so they can work on their own restorations.

All right, that does it for today. We've got, well, we got those guys which we've had for a while, but we got this guy home, we got that guy home, we got that guy home, we got that guy home today. So seeing as it's 116 degrees and we've got some monsoon clouds in the background that are starting to come in, but they're not going to get here because Phoenix and it's too hot for the clouds. It's too hot for people. It's also too hot for clouds.

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