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Now that our new building has a dedicated shop, we have been looking for VWs to work on. We hit the jackpot from a nearby seller, who also happens to be a customer.


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Yep, you read that correctly - we have recently acquired 8 Beetles along with some spare parts. Now, you might be wondering, "Why on earth would they need 8 Beetles?!" Well, besides the fact that we really like VWs, we seek out cars for two main reasons. First, our passion for restoring cars is showcased through our tech videos. If you are familiar with JBugs Tech Videos, then you know we love to fix ‘em up and provide step-by-step guidance through all the tough repairs and upgrades. Second, these cars serve a crucial role in our quality assurance process. We understand the importance of precise fitment for your VW, and to ensure top-notch quality, we utilize these Beetles to meticulously test the parts before making them available to our customers.

Watch the video to check out the cars we scored!

Video Transcript:

How's it going guys? Sam with jbugs.com. We're picking up another project car and it's 115 degrees out here in North Phoenix. We're going to grab this one and we're probably going grab a couple more. We'll show you those in a sec.

Like I said, there’re a couple more Volkswagens. We’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight.

Now one of these guys, that yellow one over there, is going to stay here for a little bit longer. The guy that we're buying all these from, a customer of ours, also races Class 11 cars. He bought all these as projects and parts cars for his 11 car. Now that he's got his car done he wants to get rid of all these. We worked out a deal that's good for both of us. We’ll take these out of his hand and give him some room back in his backyard, over here. In the meantime, let me show you what we got.

Nothing fancy. A nice little, I think this is a ‘74 Standard Beetle. The VIN number says ’74, yep.

We've got a ‘71 or ’72. Let's take a look. ‘72 Super Beetle.

We've got another ‘71 or ‘72 Super Beetle. Oh, this one's a sunroof though. That's a ‘72 as well.

This red car back here, it's a ‘74. Yep, ‘74 Standard Beetle right here.

And over here we’ve got. Well, this is an earlier car. It's got a little bit of a bent up front end. So, it's a ‘68 or a ’69. Let's see, I can't see the VIN tag. Looks like it's missing. We’ve got some parts on the inside. VIN on the door, of course I didn't bring my glasses. You could use some better floor pans too. We can take care of that. We got an IRS or we got a swing axle? Oh we've got a swing axle, so this is a ‘68. That's the only difference really, between ‘68 and ’69, is the IRS transmission.

This car over here, it's seen better days. So he's actually going to take this one for
its roof, but once he's done taking it all apart we're going to take the rest of it from him.
This one's a ’72, so we'll have a chassis from a ’72.

We’ve got another ‘67. ‘67 only decklid, right there. ‘67 only door handles. ‘67 only front fenders and a true ‘67 only hood. Can anybody tell me, in the comments, how we know this is a 1967 only hood? Let me know in the comments below.

And then we've got a ‘73 Super Beetle. Looks to be. Yeah, first year of the big curved windshield versus the ‘71 and ‘72 Standard Beetle. I’m sorry, ‘71 and ‘72 Super Beetles had a flat windshield, like our blue car that we did and two of the cars over here behind us. But ‘73 they went to this bigger dash, bigger windshield, bigger front end.

So these are some of the cars we've got. We've got some pieces and parts and whatnots over here. I think we're gonna grab some of these and take them home with us in one of these trips. Yeah, keep an eye out. We've got some projects ahead of us.

We’ve got a nice little mobile winch, but we’ve got some flat tires and I just noticed that we have one lug bolt holding that wheel on so that's probably not the best for rolling resistance. Now you got two over there. Well so that's a step in the right direction.
I’ve got one over here or two over there rather. We’ve got two there. There we’ve got two here, but yeah one on that side. Maybe, I don't know, we'll see if we can try to find another one.

All right, so we got this guy on here. We're gonna go load up another car. It is not cool out here. 109 according to that. My truck says 116, but I'm sweating man.

I wish we were in Oceanside right now, it's hot. But we got car number two on the trailer and we'll be heading down to the warehouse to drop these things off. I think we're gonna wait till next week to come grab the other ones because it's only supposed to get hotter over the next couple days.

Heading back to the shop now. It's about 2:30 in the afternoon and it's hot and I'm warm. I’ve got the AC blowing, but you can see I'm covered in sweat. I can't wait to go jump in the swimming pool.

All right, we're rolling up to the shop, about ready to drop off our first car here. I'm gonna say shop/ warehouse. This is our new building. So here we are. There's Hope saying hello. And we're gonna run into this back lot over here, drop this car off, and call it a day.

All right, now we got this thing off the trailer we're gonna pick it up with the fork and move it somewhere around here.

All right guys, that does it for this trip. We got the 1967 standard and the 1972 Super back. Next week we'll grab some more and bring them back here. In the meantime we'll put some car covers over these things and we're gonna call it a weekend, or at least a Friday and we're going to get into the weekend. Anyways, take care guys. We'll see you later.

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