We finally got all 8 Beetles to the shop. Now we need to decide which one will be our new project.


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We finally get the rest of our eight new Beetles back to our shop. Now what? Our first goal is to pick one, get it in driving condition, and drive it to the VW Roundup car show in November. We have some tough decisions to make. Which one? And what type of restoration? We could do a full restoration, make it a daily driver, or maybe a Baja Bug or a race car. There are tons of possibilities. We need your help to decide!

Video Transcript

All right, day three. 93 degrees this morning and we're heading over to North Phoenix to grab the last two cars and then we get to decide what we're gonna do with them.

All right, so we've already got the ’73 loaded up on the trailer, or I can't say we got, because the guy we bought these from already had it loaded up this morning. So he's got this one ready to go. And I'll get this ’68, or actually this time, we will get this ‘68 loaded up on my trailer in just a moment.

All right, putting this thing back to work and now I'm going to hand crank. All right we're almost there. Well my battery died. I didn't charge it over the weekend so it got like two and a half cars up. So, we'll swap out the batteries and give it another go.

All right guys we've got the ‘68 loaded up. We got the ‘73 Super loaded up. We are going to drag these things back down to the shop in Surprise and unload them and then we'll go over what we're gonna do with all these Bugs. Because now we've got eight Bugs. Well that's three that way. We're gonna try to do it Deadliest Catch style. We've got eight Bugs. I think that's how they do it. Uh we got some spare bumpers down there. Uh but yeah we've got a whole bunch of Bugs and we've got to do something with them right; let's find out what.

Is it copyright infringement if I sing? “On The Road Again. Just can't wait to get on the road again. Going places that I that I ain't never been and I can't wait to get on the road again.

Wait, I'm on the road again, uh for the fourth time to pick up all these Bugs, but uh this will be the last time for a while. And uh we're gonna enjoy it while the AC is on.

We're back at the shop and we are strapping on a Super Beetle to the fork truck. And then I'm gonna drive this dang thing off. Anyway there we go.

There we go. All clear, no problem.

All right, on board with the fork truck. Taking this thing back. Let's not hit my trailer or that car. Maybe we'll come up a little bit.

Oh, it used to be orange too. Orange is like kind of a recurring theme with all these cars. Funny how that orange was so common in the 70s. So for my first Beetle, mine mine, that was mine, not my brothers, that I worked on, was a 1974 and it was orange, ‘74 Standard Beetle. And I can't remember, no our Thing was Green. Trying to remember if we had any, or in my family specifically, that I had any more orange cars and I don't think I did. But here we've got an orange car, an orange car, an orange car, and an orange car. Lots of orange.

We're grabbing the last Beetle and gonna set her in line. And then we can figure out what we’re gonna do with eight Beetles. I’ve got some ideas, but I think I've already said that once or twice in this video. That’s what happens when you don’t have a script, make things up as you go. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't.

All right, all right. That's it buddy. We've got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve Volkswagens here. Uh we got titles for some of them and we've got to get some of them driving, right. Yeah, let's do that.

So here is our fleet of Beetles and from this group of cars we need to choose one to go to a show that's coming up in November. Which one should it be?

The Karmann Ghia, the Bus, the red beetle in the back, and that heap of a Super Beetle Convertible shell those don't qualify. But that ‘74 Standard does. That ‘67 Beetle. One of these doesn't, but one of them does. So we've got that ‘67 Beetle, which I don't think qualifies, but I think this ‘67 Beetle right here this does qualify. So that ’74, this ’67, that ‘72. That ’73, that ’72, or this ’74, or this ’68. Which one should it be?

So I forgot where I was. Um, so anyway, we got one of those cars, one of those cars, or one of those two cars. Actually on not that one, but that one, that one, that one. We've got some choices to make. What's it going to be? I'm going to get one of these things up and driving. Uh, just safely and bare minimum of just get this thing running get it stopping. Make sure I have a good, good enough seat to sit in for me and maybe one or two of my kids. And I'm gonna drive this to a show. Uh it's actually going to be. Uh hold on let me look at my notes here because this is very, very uh fresh information.

So, VW Airheads Second Annual VW Roundup in Florence, Arizona. It's going from November 9th to the 12th. So it's a multi-day camping event and it's hosted by Desert Dubs again in Florence, Arizona.

We're going to drive one of these cars down to that show. That's 90 miles one way from our shop to this show. Uh so it's gonna be interesting to see which one of these cars is gonna you know get on the road and be decent enough to get me there and back. Am I gonna make it? I hope so. Now I'll have a safety vehicle coming along, just in case, but either way we're gonna get one of these things going there.

Well, do you guys want to see a complete, just pan off, full nut and bolt restoration, like we did on our 1971 Super Beetle a couple years back? Um do you just want to see a nice, you know, weekend driver or daily driver restoration? Um do you want to see a Baja Bug? I mean we got a couple prime candidates for Baja Bugs, honestly. Um in honor of the guy that we got all these cars from, who was building an 11 race car, do you want to see us build an 11 race car? A class 11 race car, rather. Let us know in the comments below.

But we've got a couple cars to make a lot of videos on, so I hope you guys enjoy. Uh, make sure to click the like and subscribe buttons, which is kind of redundant nowadays because everyone tells you to do that. But hey, if you wouldn't mind go ahead and do that. In the meantime just watch, enjoy, and thanks. Come along for the journey.

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