When going off road, the stock VW exhaust system isn't going to cut it. Nor will any of the aftermarket street exhaust systems. Off road cars need ground clearance, especially at the rear where the exhaust hangs and can cause issues with departure angles. When you are dropping into a wash or coming off of a ledge, the back of your dune buggy or baja bug can drop down to the ground as soon as the wheel passes the edge.

When off roading you want and exhaust that will sit up higher than the engine for ground clearance, and ideally an exhaust that will offer more performance than stock. For dune buggys we offer divided mufflers and exhausts. Baja bugs can use header systems with or without the stock heater boxes, and with a muffler or a stinger. We have 4 into 1 racing exhausts for off road race buggies and for those that need them we offer spark arrestors and exhaust baffles to keep things quiet if needed.
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