Type 1 Carburetors

The most common engine in Dune Buggys and Baja Bugs has always been the Type 1. A Type 1 engine is easily identified by the upright fan shroud. It was used originally by VW starting with the first Beetle and all the way through the last. Derivatives of the engine were also used in the Karmann Ghia, Early Buses and Things.

We offer a wide variety of Carburetors for the Type 1 engine from stock 30 and 34 PICT Carburetors all the way up to full race 40 and 44 IDF and HPMX carburetors & 48/51 IDA Clones.

Type 4 Carburetors

The Type 4 engine isn't commonly used simply because of the cost and availability. The engine was originally designed by Porsche and the parts are often priced accordingly. The Type 4 engine was used by VW in 1972 and later Buses and the rare VW 411 & 412s. Being a Porsche design leads to performance, so the engine is popular for use in Off Road Buggies.

Type 4 engines originally came with dual carburetors, and later fuel injection. We offer 34ICT, EPC34, Solex 40 and 44s, 40 and 44 IDF and HPMX dual carburetor kits. If you prefer a single carburetor set up we have Weber DFV and EMPI 32/36 EPC and 38EGAS carburetor kits.
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