Tony Fleet's 65 Bug
Tony Fleet's 65 Bug

Tony Fleet's 1965 Bug.

This car is near and dear to JBugs' staff member Saul Verdin's heart. Our story begins with the second owner. This Southern California cruiser belonged to an airline stewardess from Marina Del Rey. For years, this bug would commute to LAX where it spent much of its life at the airport employee parking lot. Being stored much of its life resulted in a car with low miles and a pristine body condition. The body panels & bumpers, and interior were all original, along with much of the 1200cc engines components. Nothing fancy, just a straight clean ride.

The Bugs third owner, was JBugs' very own Saul. He purchased the car on Ebay and made it his daily drive to School. This was his first car. Saul taught himself how to drive stick in this car by practicing late night. Saul fell in love with its old-time feel and head-turning looks only an old VW can bring. It seemed just about everyone he ran into to had an old VW story, and that's when he realized owning a VW isn't just owning a car, its being part of a community.

Saul would frequently stop by JBugs (then a small shop on Oceanside Blvd.) for parts and eventually befriended the staff. Before long, he had caught "the VW bug" and joined the JBugs crew full time. Being his only mode of transportation for years, Saul eventually sold the car where it passed ownership and went missing for over a decade. One day out of the blue it magically showed up at JBugs in late 2016.

The current owner is Tony Fleet. He fist spotted the car in 2005 while on vacation in Carlsbad CA. He had seen the bug a couple times at it's usual spot till one day he noticed it was up for sale. Tony purchased the car in 2007 and has driven it just about every single day since! He has upgraded the engine to a 1641 dual port with EMPI serpentine belt. Added ceramic headers, electronic ignition, and a freeway flyer tranny. Tony customized the stance by adding a 2" narrowed beam with drop spindles, 135's on front and 205 70's on back! Accessory's are 3 VDO gauge's, a monster tach, day night mirror, Hella driving light. The in-glovebox hidden stereo finally died and Tony took it and the speaker kick panels out going back to a OE style cardboard glove box. While talking to Tony and getting information for this post we definitely picked up he loves his car. His SoCal resto-custom is a joy to drive! Stories like these are what make VW's so collectible. They are lovable cars, and each owner pours a bit of themselves into the car adding to it's history. Wishing you Happy Cruising Tony!

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