1977 VW Bug Radios, Speakers & Mounts

We offer a complete selection of 1977 Volkswagen Bug Radios, Amplifiers, Speakers, and Speaker Mounts.

Our Volkswagen Radios are made by Custom Autosound. They are designed to fit into your dash right out of the box with no drilling, cutting, or special tools required.

Our VW Radios give your 1977 VW Bug a classic look, but offer all the latest technology including an auxiliary input for playing music from your smart phone or other device. We also offer a Bluetooth module to enable hands-free use of your cell phone.

We offer a variety of VW Speakers and Amplifiers including our Rockford Fosgate speakers, known for their high-quality crisp, clean sound.

Our speaker mount options include speaker kick panels and rear speaker trays. Our VW Rear Speaker Tray is designed to fit in the rear window and can hold two speakers. It is available in vinyl, tweed, and velour in an array of colors to match your VW interior.

Step-by-Step Custom Autosound Radio Installation

Installation is Simple. Custom Autosound radios were engineered to fit in your stock VW dash without drilling, cutting or making modifications to your dash. Radios come with year correct face plates to match your vehicle. Although it looks classic, our radios are built with the latest modern features. Radio looks stock when turned off, but once turned on the LED alpha-numeric display lights up behind false radio dial face.

Step 1

Remove knobs if your radio comes with knobs.
VW Radio Installation 1
VW Radio Installation 1.
VW Radio Installation 1
VW Radio Installation 2.

Step 2

Locate the threaded nuts and supporting washers on radio tuning shafts.
VW Radio Installation 2
VW Radio Installation 3.

Step 3

Unscrew nuts and washers and remove from both tuning shafts.
VW Radio Installation 3
VW Radio Installation 4.

Step 4

Remove face plate Trim. Metal backing plate should be exposed.
1949-67 will have a chrome plastic face.
1977-79 will have a black pebble grain plastic face.
VW Radio Installation 4
VW Radio Installation 5.
VW Radio Installation 4
VW Radio Installation 6.

Step 5

Slide radio in from BEHIND DASHBOARD.
Radio will not fit in inserted from the front.
VW Radio Installation 5
VW Radio Installation 7.
VW Radio Installation 5
VW Radio Installation 9.

Step 6

Align radio, and attach face plate. Dashboard should now be sandwiched between metal backing plate and face plate.

Step 7

Thread nuts and washers on tuning shafts over face plate. Nuts can be tightened with a wrench, but be careful not to over-tighten. Radio tuning knobs can now be pressed on shafts.
VW Radio Installation 7
VW Radio Installation 10.

Step 8

Follow manufacturer's instructions supplied with radio for wiring power, speakers and antenna.
VW Radio Installation 8
VW Radio Installation 8.

VW Dash Radios from Custom Autosound.

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