VW Dune Buggy & Off Road Tires, Wheels & Accessories

We offer both the VW wide 5 lug (5x205mm) and VW 4 lug (4x130) off road wheels for your Baja Bug or Buggy. The 5 lug off road wheels are made in aluminum or steel and come in a variety of finishes. We offer Bead Lock Race-Trim and Method wide 5 off road wheels.

4 lug off road wheels are available in steel only and come chrome or powdercoated white. We also offer Spindle Mount wheels for the light weight sand buggies.

Off Road Wheels, Tires & Hardware Information

5x205 - 5 Lug Off Road Wheels

We offer 5 different 5 Lug Off Road Wheels in a variety of widths from 4.5" wide all the way to 12" wide. The wheels are offered in 15" and 16" diameters and are made of steel or aluminum. Both the Method Race Wheels and Race-Trim Wheels are available with Bead Lock Rings to prevent loosing a spare tire while off roading.

4x130 - 4 Lug Off Road Wheels

4 Lug Off Road Wheels are made of steel and are offered with a chrome plated finish or a white powdercoated finish. The wheels are offered in 15"x5", 15"x6", 15"x7", 15"x8" and 15"x10" to suit the various needs of your Baja Bug.

Spindle Mount Off Road Wheels

Spindle Mount Wheels are still popular for light weight sand and dune buggys. We offer a 15"x4" Polished Aluminum Wheel and all the necessary wheel bearings, center caps and hardware to mount them.

Off Road Tires and Sand Tires

Off road terrains such as sand, mud and dirt have their own unique demands on tires. We have put together a variety of different tires that are commonly used on VW off road buggys. For the sand tire, we offer a variety of different paddle tires in 15" and 17" sizes. Sand Viper, Holeshot and Desert Explorer Tires are very popular rear sand tires.

For the front tires we offer Sand Viper Smoothie, Sand Viper Rib and Dragon Back steering sand tires as well as 3 and 5 Rib steering tires. If your off road wheel requires a tube or you just like the extra flat protection they provide, we've got you covered there as well.

For the dirt lover, we offer Nankang All Terrain Tires and Mud Terrain Tires which are perfect for the street legal Baja Bug or Dune Buggy.

Lug Bolts, Center Caps and Spare Tire Mounts

Mounting your new off road wheels is simple with our 12mm and 14mm lug nuts and bolts. Ball seat, mag seat, to conical or 60 degree seat lug bolts are offered as well as different length 12mm and 14mm thread in and press in studs. We even offer Porsche Style lug nuts and studs.

Wheel adapters are available in steel and aluminum for VW and non VW Wheels to your 4 or 5 lug drum or rotor. Spare tires are very important off road so we have a few methods for mounting them to your off road vehicle.

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