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VW Baja Bug, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail & Off Road Parts

Our VW Baja Bug, Dune Buggy and Sand Rail Off Road Parts cover a huge selection of quality manufactured parts. We additionally offer a huge selection of stock and custom interior parts so you can have the "look" and performance you want.

When it comes to suspension and brake parts, shocks, tools and wiring kits to racing seat belts & exhaust systems, we can help you with your Baja Bug, Dune Buggy or Sand Rail. We carry a massive inventory of parts and also offer the tools and hardware such as dimple dies sets to help you build your car "just like the pros".

Off road tires, & wheels, exhausts, VDO gauges, LED Lights, whatever it might be, we've most likely got it! For nearly 27 years, California Pacific / JBugs has been helping Off Road Buggy owners build and maintain their cars.

Off Road Wheels, Tires & Accessories

Off Road Suspension, Steering & Brake System

Off Road Interior Parts & Accessories

Off Road Bumpers, Cages, Gas Tanks & Accessories

Off Road Lights, Switches & Electrical Parts

Off Road Engine Parts

Off Road Transmission, Axles & Drivetrain Parts

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VW Baja Bug, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail & Off Road Parts & Information

Dune Buggy & Off Road Wheels & Tires

We have VW wide 5 lug (5x205mm) and VW 4 lug (4x130) off road wheels for your Baja Bug & dune buggie. The 5 lug off road wheels are offered in aluminum or steel and come in a variety of finishes. We have Bead Lock Race-Trim and Method wide 5 off road wheels. 4 lug off road wheels are made in steel only and come chrome or powdercoated white. We also have Spindle Mount wheels for light weight sand buggys.

Dune Buggy & Off Road Shocks

Off road shocks are a vital part of any off road vehicle. We carry King, Fox, Bilstein, KYB and EMPI shocks to suit most any Dune Buggy or Baja Bug. From King coil overs to remote reservoir and piggyback Fox shocks, we offer them all. We also offer a variety of fabrication tabs and shock mounts for those building custom shock mounts. To prevent shock and suspension damage we carry urethane bump and hydraulic bump stops.

Dune Buggy & Off Road Suspension

Off road suspension and steering is essential to controlling your dune buggy in the dunes. Stock VW components that most buggies are made of can sometimes be over abused off road. If you are looking for a simple replacement or a heavy duty upgrade to your suspension and steering you've come to the right place. We offer heavy duty, longer and wider control arms for the front and rear, combo spindles, stock replacement steering boxes and tie rod ends, aftermarket rack and pinions steering boxes. We also carry steering shafts, couplers and u-joints to connect them. Whether you have a ball joint or link pin front suspension, a swing axle or IRS rear suspension, we have got the pieces to make sure your dune buggy is ready to go off road.

Dune Buggy & Off Road Master Cylinders, Pedals & Cables

Stop your dune buggy or Baja Bug and make sure you have a throttle pedal so you can hit the gas. And make sure your clutch pedal is operating for changing gears. Pedal assemblies are a complex item that can be overlooked. When something does go wrong, it can be cut short a trip immediately. If your Baja Bug or dune buggy has a stock VW pedal assembly or if you're considering upgrading to aftermarket hydraulic pedals, we have got you covered. Connecting your pedals and master cylinders to your brakes or clutch is simple with our steel brake lines, rubber and stainless steel braided hoses.

Dune Buggy & Off Road Interior Parts

Make sure your off road buggy is worth getting in to. We have comfortable seats and a safe harnesses to hold you in it, and ergonomic shifters and steering wheels to grab while your drive through the sand. Gauges, consoles and dashboards will help you keep an eye on the engine vitals and put switches in easy reach. Grant Steering wheels, Race-trim seats and mounts, Crow and Pro-Armor seat belts and harnesses, aluminum door panels and dash panels, custom shifters and knobs, whatever your interior needs, we have got it! No matter how good your baja bug or dune buggy looks outside, when you're driving it, it really is what is on the inside that counts.

Dune Buggy & Off Road Interior Accessories

Interior accessories make things easier to see, and get to when needed. New rear view mirror so you can see which friend you just passed or a dash mount to hold your GPS unit will help make your dune buggy or baja bug more user friendly. Keeping things in arms reach while off road is important. Also of high importance is keeping an eye on your engine's performance. VDO gauges and sending units are great for keeping an eye on your engine. If it isn't, hopefully one of our tool storage bags holds just the tool you need to fix your buggy. While your friends wait, treat them to a beverage from our neoprene off road cooler tubes. Grab handles and foot rests make life easier for everyone when it's time to pile back in and head home.

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