VW Dune Buggy & Off Road Switches, Fuse Boxes & Wiring

Wiring any vehicle can be a difficult task, throw in the abuse and weather that an off road vehicle is subject to and you add yet another obstacle. We've put together a list of the most commonly needed items to completely wire up your Dune Buggy, Baja Bug, or other off road rail buggy. All switches and wires are 6-24 volt compatible. All relays and bulbs are 12 volt components.

Headlight plugs take the headache out of individual wires for headlight bulbs. Grommets are great for ensuring wires don't short out against metal edges. ATC Fuse boxes are available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 circuits styles. The universal turn signal switch is an easy way to get your turn signals operational in conjunction with a flasher relay. It even has a brake light switch input and a built in hazard switch.

Sealed switches are available in a push button style for use as a horn or starter switch as well as various different toggle switches. Indicator lights can be dash mounted and used for oil pressure or charging system warning lights or a turn signal or high beam indicator light. If you want to take it a step further than the average dune buggy, we even offer an electric windshield washer kit!

Wiring Harnesses & Components

The universal wiring harness is an inexpensive way to wire up a dune buggy or baja bug.

Code: 9466

Price: $83.95

Code: W-111-341

Price: $6.95

Code: 111-707

Price: $4.95

Fuse Boxes, Fuses & Wiring Connectors

Aftermarket ATC blade style fuse boxes are great for running off road electrical accessories or the entire electrical system.

Code: 971020-4ATC

Price: $7.95

Code: 971020-6ATC

Price: $8.95

Code: 971020-8ATC

Price: $10.95

Code: 971020-10ATC

Price: $11.95


Price: $2.00

Code: WW-T

Price: $2.00

Code: WW-CON

Price: $1.00

Code: 5581774

Price: $0.95

Code: 55816060

Price: $0.50

Code: N171211-10

Price: $3.95

Code: N171214-10

Price: $3.95

Code: N171215-10

Price: $3.95

Universal Turn Signal & Brake Light Switches

If you're are building a street legal Dune Buggy or Baja Bug, making sure your brake lights and turn signals operate is a necessity.

Code: 16-2101

Price: $25.95

Code: 111953227D

Price: $9.95

Code: 113611755

Price: $7.95

Sand Sealed Switches

Weather resistant, heavy duty switches with toggle lever boots are perfect for Sand Rails and Off Road Buggies.

Code: 9367

Price: $8.95

Code: 9360

Price: $9.95

Code: 9361

Price: $14.95

Code: 9362

Price: $13.95

Code: 9363

Price: $12.95

Indicator & Warning Lights

Need an oil pressure, alternator warning or turn signal indicator light for your dash?

Code: 9371

Price: $5.95

Code: 9373

Price: $5.95

Code: 9374

Price: $5.95

Code: 9375

Price: $8.95

Code: 9376

Price: $8.95

Code: 9377

Price: $8.95

Code: 9378

Price: $8.95

Windshield Wiper Components

Windshield Wipers are usually an afterthought on most off road vehicles....until you need them!

Code: 15-2060

Price: $44.95

Code: 111955993A

Price: $4.95

Battery Isolator Switch

A requirement by most all race sanctioning bodies, battery shut offs are a quick and simple way to shut off all electrical power in your Off Roader.

Code: 9355

Price: $12.95

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