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VW Heater Components

VW Heater Components

JBugs.com offers a complete selection of VW heater components including original VW heater boxes, heater cables, connecting hoses and lever kits.

We feature the factory original Dansk VW heater boxes and lever kits.

VW Heater Cable Layout

Factory settings were set up for Left (Driver Side) Heater Lever to control the rear foot well vents. Right (Passenger Side) Heater lever opened or closed air flow at the heater boxes. Both cables are "V" shaped and split from the levers to left and right side rear foot-well valves and heater boxes.

Please Note: 1974's-on were equipped with control cables for front defroster valves. - These cables are no longer made today. We suggest fashioning replacement cables from bicycle handbrake cable.

Please Note: VW Type 2 / Bus's ran separate heater cables for each heater box. No foot-well cables.
  Left Lever Down
(Closes rear footwell vents)

  Left Lever Up
(Opens rear footwell vents)

  Right Lever Down
(Closes Heater Boxes)

  Right Lever Up
(Opens Heater Boxes)

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