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VW Rear Engine Tin

VW Heater Boxes and Fresh Air ducts.

VW Fan Shroud & Rear Engine Tin.
Comparison showing VW Fan Shroud and Rear Engine Tin made for use with and with out fresh air/heater system.

If you plan on running heater boxes be sure to select a fan shroud with fresh air/heater ducts and rear engine tin with fresh air/heater cut outs. If you live in a warm climate, have a custom engine, or do not plan to run heat/fresh air be sure to choose a closed fan shroud and rear engine tin.

WITH HEAT -This option includes the ducts on the front of tha fan shrouds and rear engine tin, allowing you connect your fan to your heater boxes with fresh air hoses.

WITH OUT HEAT -This option features closed fan shrouds and rear engine tin. Perfect for hiding components beneath your engine bay and eliminating the need to plug your fan shroud.

Heat Riser Cut Outs.

VW Rear Engine Tin Heat Riser Cut Outs.
Comparison showing VW Rear Engine Tin with and with out Heat Riser Cut Outs.

Heat Risers are tubes that start at the muffler or header and connect up to the manifold underneath the carburetor. They utilize the heat from exhaust air to keep the moisture absorbed in the air/fuel mixture from freezing. The heat also helps keep the air/fuel mixture vaporized as it moves through the manifold down its path to the heads.

Dual Carbs do not require heat risers as they lead directly to the heads, no long winding manifold. Also, some aftermarket exhaust do not run heat risers because they do not expel exhaust gas the same way original German mufflers did. Heat Risers should have an inlet and an outlet, but this cycle is interrupted by modern exhaust systems designs that do not create the vacuum necessary to circulate the air flow.

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