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Seatbelt Accessories and Seatbelt Extenders

Upgrade the safety of your air-cooled VW today with VW Seat Belt Accessories and Seat Belt Extenders. Our Seat Belt accessories include extra Seat Belt Webbing, Seat Belt Stop Buttons and all the hardware needed for proper installation of your seat belts. Our Seat Belt Extenders are the perfect option for those seat belts that are just a little too short.

Featured Products:

Code: Webbing
Price: $7.95
Code: FHD-1046-1
Price: $4.95
Code: FHD-1046-2
Price: $2.95
Code: FHD-1046-3
Price: $4.95
Code: 12EXT
Price: $14.95
Code: FAB-1001-3
Price: $5.95
Code: FAJ-1036-1
Price: $2.95

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